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Pick of the Week #423 – She-Hulk #1

Show Notes

Love is in the air! It’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and the call went out to the audience for their questions about love and boy, did they deliver! Also, there were comics this week and an abundance of great ones! Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, and Paul Montgomery love each and every one of you equally.

Running Time: 01:08:15

Pick of the Week:
00:02:34 – She-Hulk #1

00:11:07 – Batman #28
00:17:46 – The Royals: Masters of War #1
00:22:22 – The Mercenary Sea #1
00:28:05 – Star Wars #14
00:30:13 – Thor: God of Thunder #19
00:34:24 – X-Men Legacy #24
00:36:26 – X-Force #1
00:37:25 – Marvel Knights: X-Men #4
00:39:01 – Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #1

Relationship Questions:
00:40:54 – Andrew wants to know if there’s a comic book worth ending a relationship over.
00:45:50 – Brian from Cleveland, OH asks for general advice on how to meet people.
00:49:29 – Oscar from San Antonio, TX is annoyed with his ex… because of comics?
00:54:13 – Socrates wants to have some bedroom cosplay fun with his wife.
00:58:27 – Alex from California has a workplace love conundrum.

“Because It’s Not Love (But It’s Still a Feeling)”
The Pipettes


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  1. Is anybody else having trouble downloading the podcast?

  2. iTunes. Downloading the podcast is taking long than usual.

  3. The download is super slow.

  4. Now it’s fixed.

  5. Excellent show as always, fellas. I definitely had Thor as my pick of the week but She Hulk was up there for me as a contender.

  6. @Josh Sino

  7. re:Andrew’s question. What about the flip-side? If you break up with your significant other because they *liked* a certain comic book (or related media item), what would it be? Namely, what display of just horrible taste would be worth breaking up for? e.g. if a girlfriend thought Episode 1 was the best of the Star Wars movies, she’s gotta go.

  8. Baneplay! HA! Classic.

  9. Enjoyed the relationship advice. But what did Conor mean when he said “it feels like a bag of sand when you’re touching it”? That’s just not true.

    I totally agree about how great the Mercenary Sea cover is. I pre-ordered based 100 percent on that cover. I also hope it doesn’t suddenly “pull a Zero” and introduce aliens or superpowers.

    Conor, I hope you’ll keep us posted on your Dark Knight Returns drama.

  10. China – Japanese war prior to the Second World War is referred to as the Second Sino – Japanese war ! 🙂

  11. Oscar – Have you ever considered that breaking up with your girlfriend has showed her that she needs to take a greater interest in her SO’s interests. Perhaps she learned a valuable lesson from your lost love and you should be happy she has grown as a person.

  12. Fun episode, guys. Nice work.

  13. “I-I, y’know… I have done things.”

    I haven’t had a hearty belly-laugh in a while so thanks for that, Conor!

  14. Great show and pick this week, glad other people enjoyed “She Hulk” as much as I did. The relationship questions bit was a lot of fun, you should do that again next year!

  15. Josh, you got the Dan Savage inflection perfect! How you went up on the ‘up’ in “you broke up with her”. Nicely done.

  16. Nice musical pick! Who’s the Pipettes fan?

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