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Pick of the Week #422 – Minimum Wage #2

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick, ever absent, has left us this episode, and so we invited Jim Viscardi of Let’s Talk Comics to fill in, and so he did, which apparently caused Josh Flanagan to just ramble on and on and on. We still can’t be sure how to say Mitch Gerads’ name, and that’s just gonna have to be okay.

Total Running Time: 01:16:42

Pick of the Week:
00:02:34 – Minimum Wage #2

3619574-0200:12:35 – The Punisher #1
00:21:12 – Batman: Black and White #6
00:27:08 – Action Comics #28
00:34:00 – Ms. Marvel #1
00:42:25 – Avengers A.I. #9
00:44:00 – The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #8
00:49:36 – Forever Evil #5
00:52:46 – Wolverine #1
00:55:34 – Turok Dinosaur Hunter #1

Comic Book TV News:
00:58:23 –¬†Preacher¬†goes to AMC TV development.

“You Are Not Your Job”
Gas Huffer


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  1. Great book! I picked up the first trade and new number one of the recommendation here and number two really stood out this week. Great choice!

  2. Nice! I would have picked Ms. Marvel as my PotW but Minimum Wage a great also! I’m glad I decided to check that book out. I love comics surrounding real life and personal drama.

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