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Pick of the Week #414 – Black Science #1

Show Notes

Drunk on Thanksgiving tryptophan, Conor Kilpatrick and Josh Flanagan drive a relatively sober Paul Montgomery to the brink of madness in a rundown of the week’s best comics. It being the first of December, Paul also surprises his fellows with the new Book of the Month selection.

Running Time: 01:05:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:45 – Black Science #1

00:11:38 – Saga #16
00:17:02 – Uncanny Avengers #14
00:20:47 – Avengers Arena #18
00:24:34 – The Flash #25
00:29:04 – Mr. Peabody and Sherman #1
00:31:52 – Sledgehammer 44: Lightning War #1
00:36:39 – Hawkeye #14
00:40:02 – Deadpool Annual 2013

Book of the Month:
00:42:18 – Hellboy: The Midnight Circus

Audience Question:
00:51:28 – Peter from Victoria, BC is looking for must-read comics, just not the usual suspects.
00:54:40 – Kevin is not so thrilled about DC Comics of late. Is he missing something great?

“This Christmas”
Michael McDonald


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  1. SWEET. I’ve been checking for this episode to drop. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Uncanny Avengers. My guess: The “deaths” won’t last more than 2 or 3 issues.

  2. Damn, was really hoping to hear Paul’s thoughts on Infinity now that it wrapped.

  3. I was with Black Science all the way up until the end. I fell into the classic trap of seeing a preview, inventing a story and then being disappointed that the actual story doesn’t match the one in your head. I was really looking forward to a story dealing with Frog people and dark science. instead it’s dark science mixed with Sliders. this book went from top of my pile to trade wait. No fault of any one involved. All me on that one.

    I can’t believe two of you guys didn’t like Hawkeye? This issue was great! Its obvious Madame Mask is going to become Kate’s Arch-Nemesis. This issue totally sets up her return to the comic, which will be great! The only problem with this title is that it is not double shipped! ;P

    For Peter:

    – Star Wars Legacy (make sure to pick up both Vector Trades)
    – Batman & Robin (Morrison’s run)

    • Seconded on Star Wars Legacy (2006).

      Also, based on some of the other titles Peter mentioned, a few other possibilities are Superman Birthright (for more great Waid writing), Thor the Mighty Avenger (for Samnee art), Immortal Iron Fist (for Fraction and Aja), and Y: The Last Man (or if that’s not a deep enough cut for BKV, how about Doctor Strange The Oath– Paul’s next Booksplode.)

  4. Ha! I love how your, at best, ambivalent response to the state of DC is easily the most charitable view of the company I’ve come across in a while by internet critics/ sites/ podcasts. Personally, I’m avoiding their mainstream stuff like the plague because even if there’s something with potential, there is absolutely no guarantee that editorial won’t totally screw it up, as they did recently with Batwoman.

    As for overlooked(ish) must-reads, I would also throw in Superman: Secret Identity, Day Tripper, Scott Pilgrim, I Kill Giants, Brooklyn Dreams, Fortune and Glory and Local, along with the stuff you mentioned.

    Otherwise great show guys… kinda sleepy in the beginning but funnier and funnier as you went along.

    Oh and Paul, since you chose the first issue as pick of the week, what did you think of Pretty Deadly #2?

  5. I can’t find any experienced comic readers who like new DC with the exceptions that you mentioned. iFanboy is clearly not biased against DC, they biased against bad work. They didn’t say it but I get the sense they wish every company and every comic could be excellent. That is NOT happening right now at DC. The movies are humorless and forgettable as well.

    Regarding must-read lists: Cerebus (trades 2-5 at least) is considered by many to be the best comic ever or in the top 10 by many (Layman for one). It is also of massive historical significance, being the first creator owned and the first self-published comic, as well as the artistic heir to Eisner (pre-Frank Miller), and (still) unmatched innovation in many areas. For whatever reason, Ron Richards, was the only iFanboy who read it (Paul I don’t know), so it gets ignored on the show. I consider this a major defect in the iFanboy reading list, on the order of Watchmen, DK, Maus, Fables, Powers, Preacher, Saga, and other widely acknowledged greats.

    I would humbly suggest at least High Society and Church & State I + II to the iFanboys and other serious comics-heads including the questioner. Take care.

  6. Thanks for the show guys, it was great as usual! Always look forward to it.

    One suggestion if i may…

    Paul, please, please, pretty PLEASE! Speak louder, move closer to the microphone, turn up the volume, or something! Every podcast(here, at fuzzy typewriter, Matt&Brett) you sound like you’re trying to talk with your face buried in a pillow or something. To hear what u say, i have to listen to Conor & Josh at like 9,000,000,000 decibels!

    Thank u guys, i hope u all had a great Thanksgiving, & a great Christmas!

  7. Was that the nWo Wolfpack theme playing right before the very end?

  8. M² for the music choice? That was the first sign you guys were loopy after Thanksgiving. Thanks for the show.

  9. EH I didn’t enjoy Black Science that much just like Velvet and Pretty Deadly. My PotW is TMNT #28. Also disappointed to see no talk of Aquaman #25

  10. Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    This podcast isn’t appearing when I refresh my Podcast app (the one bundled with iOS).
    Anyone else having the same issue?

    • Yes, I have the same problem.

    • I noticed that the “release date” in iTunes is listed as 11/24 (same as last week’s podcast) instead of 12/1. Maybe that is confusing the app?

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      I adjusted the release date on Sunday after noticing that. The podcast appears in iTunes for me.

    • It’s still listed as 11/24 in my iTunes (deleting and re-downloading would probably change this). Yes, it does appear in iTunes, but their iPhone Podcast app might have grabbed it from the cloud before the fix. Going into iTunes on your PC or Mac and changing some settings might help (unchecking last week’s podcast or changing your iPhone settings to show more than one iFanboy POTW Podcast at a time).

      Hope you guys get your podcast!

  11. Easy fix for those that download the podcast on the iPhone podcast app. Just hit the “Add Old Episodes” button and scroll to the bottom. Hit that missing ep, hit the add button, and viola! All set and ready to download 😉

  12. Hello iFanboy peeps. Just wanted everyone to know that I’m in the early stages of planning a pull list site to replace the one we lost on here. My goal is to create a site were fans can come together to pull, rate and discuss the books of the week, just like in the old days. I’m doing this because of the lack of a suitable replacement for what was once a great feature of this site. I would like for people to use the site and then check out the PotW pod like we use to. Good times. Please feel free to suggest and features you’d like to see. I would love to hear from you guys. Thanks.

    • Does this mean there are at least 81 other Aquapimps out there? Cause if so, that’s awesome. Also, I read pretty much everything in Trade but would love to participate in the pull list feature. I know this might be a tall order but would it be possible to have a feature where the user provides say an amazon link, and the pull list grabs the title and an image (or maybe the user could just provide both of those) and we could review trades? Otherwise I would be content with just trades out that week.

    • That’s awesome! Good luck with your project!

    • I always liked how iFanboy’s pull list feature showed you an entire list of what was coming out that day but at the same time allowed you to see a separate page with just your pulls. I also liked that that feature was divided by week (so you could go back and see what you pulled) and was linkable, so you could show off your week’s haul to friends. Now that might be a bit complicated and definitely isn’t necessary.

      If I had to distill my desires down to their core, it would be a big list of the week’s comics with a comment thread for each title. That’s what I miss most – the conversations with all the cool people that came to this site.

    • You’d sure make a lot of people happy if you are able to pull it off! Frankly it seems like a massive undertaking, and I don’t envy you the time and money I assume it will take for development and hosting. Are you hiring a web developer or are you yourself a programmer? If it were me, I’d try to contact the iFanboy web developer since the rather sophisticated architecture for the pull list has already been coded. Hiring them directly might be a less expensive route than hiring someone to build one from scratch. (hopefully the iFan-staff will correct me if I’m wrong in any of my assumptions).

      The thing that I loved about the pull-list was how it automatically updated and ranked the titles by number of pulls, by POW percentage, or by rating. When I saw that a lot of people were pulling or liking some title that I wasn’t aware of, it gave me an opportunity to investigate and see if it was something I should check out as well.

      One additional feature that would be great is if there was a way to view rankings of all current titles. The iFanboy pull list pitted each week’s titles against each other, but it was sometimes hard to get a sense of how the community would rank all the titles. That’s why I always loved the annual “what is the best comic being published right now?” survey on the site. But what if there were some algorithm that just ranked them automatically (taking into account all the ratings for, let’s say, the past 6 months)? You could look at the formula that IMDB uses for their top 250 ranking (it is spelled out at the bottom of the Top 250 page).

      Anyway, best of luck. You’ll be a hero to us all if you make a pull-list that is as good as the iFanboy one was.

    • This would be awesome, please keep us up to date on your project! The comic book internet is just not the same without the pull list. Comixology’s pull list is fine but it lacks a lot of the what made iFanboy’s so successful, plus there’s no sense of community on that site.

      On a side note, what would it take to get iFanboy to bring this feature back? I would totally support a Kickstarter or pay a subscription fee just for this feature alone, you don’t even have to return to feature or news writing. Comics just aren’t as fun without the conversation.

  13. Peter, you should definitely read DMZ by Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli (2005-2012).

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