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Pick of the Week #413 – Harley Quinn #0

Show Notes

Band of Brothers, Scooby-Doo, Friday Night Lights, drugs, and Conor Kilpatrick’s sex comic! Also we go with the more traditional “talking about comics” routine. We do not get that guy’s name right, and we don’t know how to talk about color. So just a regular show.

Running Time: 01:08:18

Pick of the Week:
00:02:18 – Harley Quinn #0

Harley Quinn_000:10:33 – The Wake #5
00:16:33 – Zero #3
00:19:21 – Afterlife with Archie #2
00:23:18 – Scooby-Doo Team-Up #1
00:31:15 – Thunderbolts #18
00:33:33 – B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth #113
00:37:34 – Sex Criminals #3
00:38:41 – Uncanny X-Men #14
00:41:47 – Young Avengers #12

Audience Question:
00:43:48 – Sam from London wants to know if another crash is on the way.
00:48:39 – Doug from Maine asks if there are some comic concepts that just don’t work today.
00:54:16 – Stewart asks about “edu-tainment” comics.
00:57:44 – Ryan, also from Maine, needs booth knowledge.

“Too Many Puppies”


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  1. Gah! What’s with the crazy voice separation. I have Josh coming exclusively through the right speaker and you other two guys exclusively from the left. What gives? It’s oddly unsettling.

  2. I PotW was Uncanny X-Men Followed by Voice in the Dark #1. Haley Quinn was surprisingly great also. Finally some fun and goofiness in the new 52!

  3. Um, I assume you didn’t mention Scott McCloud’s Understanding/ Making/ Reinventing Comics because it’s such an obvious choice. Also, I have been thinking of trying out Action Philosophers so it’s interesting to hear some of your thoughts on it.

    • I never read “Understanding Comics” because I was under the impresion it was a tutorial or “gateway” read and I feel I already understand comics. Am I mistaken? Is it stil worth a read if you are a comics vet? Thanks for feedback.

    • I didn’t mention it because it goes without saying. Figured I’d look for some deeper cuts. That said, getting to know and understanding what comics can do is an ongoing adventure. I think everyone should read it and revisit it every few years.

    • @Stewmungous No way, I only got round to reading Understanding Comics something like 15 years after I started reading comics and it still gave me plenty to think about. It’s a perfect companion to The History of Comics.

  4. Mateus Santolouco does great work. He’s the regular artist on IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.

  5. Why is Josh just coming out of one speaker?

  6. Loved Scooby-Doo Team-Up. Seek it out in print, Conor, for the whole story.

    When it comes to “edu-tainment” comics, you can’t go wrong with Larry Gonick’s stuff. I loved him in high school. From his pretty stellar Cartoon History of the Universe series to Cartoon Guide to Physics and guides for other things like Chemistry, Calculus, Sex, and Statistics, you can’t go wrong with his stuff. Just search “Larry Gonick” on Amazon, pick a topic that interests you, and away you’ll go.

  7. Stewart of the “edutainment” question here: Since I’ve asked the question I’ve been seeing more and more examples of the genre. The Comixology ap seems to push them on me. Be curious for feedback on any of the following or other examples of the genre:
    – Ed Piskor’s history of hip-hop,http://entertainment.time.com/2013/10/01/watch-ed-piskor-talk-about-his-upcoming-history-of-hip-hop-comic-book/
    – Henesseyy and McConnells “The United States Constitution: A Graphic Adaptation”, Which sees to skew young-adult adult but was recommended by Slate’s political podcast. http://www.amazon.com/The-United-States-Constitution-Adaptation/dp/B00B9ZERJA
    – Goodwin’s “Economix”, which was in the original podcast question. http://economixcomix.com

    Thank You
    P.S. Surprised to see my name spelled right, since it is the minority spellng.

  8. Zero has been fantastic. Kot starts on Secret Avengers in December, so I’m definitely gonna be checking that out.

  9. With regard to Special Edition podcasts, would you guys be interested in revisiting The Wolverine? The “Unleashed Extended Edition” is being released in a week or so, and I’ve read that there’re some nice additions that help the 3rd act a bit. If I recall, Josh and Conor weren’t able to participate in the original podcast review. Would love to hear the three of you discuss the film.

    • I would be into this. Might not be a whole podcast but a section of a larger one to revisit new cuts. Also be interested to hear podcast segments on movies that predate the podcast. Could there be a book of the month style segment on “movie of the month” covering the Wolverine update or the Richard Donner Superman, etc.

    • Going back and podcasting about movies that aren’t new is somewhat unlikely, unless we can find a really compelling reason amongst ourselves to do so. We had talked for a while about doing a commentary track podcast on old bad comic book movies like DAREDEVIL, but something like that is virtually impossible to pull of well unless you’re in the same room with each other, which we’re not anymore.

      As for THE WOLVERINE, it’s possible that it could show up in the year-end show. We’ll see; we haven’t set the rundown yet.

  10. It’s more in the “tainment” than the “edu”, but I was thinking of “Northlanders”. A lot of great Viking history in that story.

  11. Here’s another “edutainment” entry. Try “Trinity: A Graphic History of the First Atomic Bomb” by Jonathan Fetter-Vorm. It is pretty much what it says it is, a historical and surprisingly in depth scientific look at the creation of the atomic bomb. It presents the physics behind it in an understandable way. Check it out!

  12. I definitely didn’t see that choice coming, but after reading it? Totally makes sense. On occasion I forget that Jimmy and Amanda do comedy pretty damn well.

  13. On comics that educate, Jim Ottviani has done many wonderful science comics, mostly framed around biographies in physics, although great ones on the race to the moon and on primatology as well. Logicomix is great–the recent history of formal logic. Also loved Economix. And there are many great efforts at comics as journalist. Michigan State U did a panel on this last spring at their annual symposium on comics. The Illustrated Press is great: http://illuspress.com/

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