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Pick of the Week #408 – Zero #2

Show Notes

With Josh Flanagan off possibly doing some primal screaming in the woods, Ali Colluccio steps up to the microphone to talk the week that was in comics with Paul Montgomery and Conor Kilpatrick!

Total Running Time: 01:04:40

Pick of the Week:
00:01:32 – Zero #2

Zero_200:12:19 – Hawkeye #13
00:16:03 – Indestructible Hulk Special #1
00:20:12 – The Sixth Gun #35
00:23:11 – Wonder Woman #24
00:28:24 – Letter 44 #1
00:33:58 – Animal Man #24
00:36:38 – Strange Nation #1
00:39:30 – Avengers #21
00:42:02 – Justice League of America #8

Book of the Month:
00:44:01 – Jack Kirby’s O.M.A.C.: One Man Army Corps

Audience Questions:
00:51:32 – r3v looks at the finite stories in books like Avengers Arena and All-New X-Men and has some questions.
00:58:28 – Edward (Heroville) is looking for the best female mystery/crime writers in comics.

“In The Waiting Line”
Zero 7


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  1. Zero was also my pick of the week. I read the first issue, it was meh, but this one was really good. This was my favorite followed by Sheltered #4. You guys should check that series out. I found this issue of Hawkeye one of the weakest of the series story-wise, but still good read. I just want the story to move along.

  2. Three #1 and Zero #2
    what’s next?

  3. When the term “mutantitarian” starts being bandied about in the Marvel U, we’ll all nod our heads knowingly: that’s a Montgomerism. Has Scott Summers ever yelled out “Oh, the Mutanity!”? Cause I think we’re overdue for that as well.

    He broke out in the early 70s so maybe it’s “cool” early Rod Stewart and not the hokey later stuff? I think the 70s would be a nice middle ground. Though that would put present-day X-Men in their 50s? Never mind. The correct answer to this conundrum is “it’s not real.”

    I don’t think twice about delays or non-monthly schedules when the reason is to keep a consistent artist (e.g. Saga). But it’s different with Hawkeye since they have no problem using fill-in artists. Was Fraction just overburdened? Issue 13 was originally solicited for 8/14 and I think there have been two different months skipped during the run thus far. Hopefully things will be better now that he’s off FF and Fan 4. I know he’s writing Inhumanity, but is that an ongoing? Hopefully his Inhumanitarian efforts will not interfere with the Hawkeye schedule.

    Have Ali on more often. She was great!

  4. I very much like this “TV Season” format that Marvel is starting to implement onto their books. It’s especially great for lower tier books, since if a book is on the verge of cancellation, the creators at least have a set amount of issues to tell a story. This way, a cancelled-but-brilliant series reads better in the future, as there hopefully will be less unintentional untied plot elements.

    Slightly related, I just started watching Chikara wrestling recently. It’s an independent pro wrestling federation that utilizes elements of lucha libre and straight up comic book madness. For instance, one of the main storylines focuses on UltraMantis Black, a masked evil space insect, who refuses to relinquish a mind control device called The Eye Of Tyr despite repeated warnings that holding onto it after one use will bring upon catastrophe. But I digress…the reason why I bring this up is that they tell their stories in the same TV Season format that Marvel’s apparently doing now. Unlike the WWE, who’s stories roll on continuously, Chikara’s stories have a beginning, middle and end that culminates in a Season Finale live event that wraps up that years rivalries and sets up a cliffhanger for the upcoming season. It’s a very interesting way to go about pro wrestling.

  5. I never read the original O.M.A.C. I picked up the first issue of DiDio’s run and liked it a lot. That scene with the disassembled lady in a box was used again by Paul Pope in Solo. It was my favorite story from his issue, and it was called “Are You Ready for the World That’s Coming?” I didn’t realize it was such a precise tribute.

  6. Zero was my pick of the week up until I read Letter 44. Letter 44 is WELL worth the .99 if you haven’t checked it out. Fantastic! The small plot hole seems big but if you can get past that initial “political divide” kind of thing, it is really good. Thanks for talking about it Paul!

  7. Hey Conor, Josh, and Paul. Just wondering if any of you watched the PBS documentary Superheroes: A Never Ending Battle and what you all thought of it?

    • I’m none of those dudes but I watched it. I thought it was good but almost the exact same thing as History Channel’s Superheroes Unmasked (and why does Steranko participate in all these things).

    • I haven’t had a chance to see it yet, unfortunately.

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      I missed the very beginning, but saw most of it. Thought it was pretty decent. Got a chuckle out of Adam West reading the DKR dialogue.

    • @Nationalhill I thought the bit with Steranko talking about putting the phone back on the hook for that silent scene reminded me of that documentary This Film is Not Yet Rated. Just the whole “what can and can’t be shown” in a panel.

      @ConorKilpatrick I watched it with my girlfriend and it was sad explaining who people were knowing they had passed. The second part is probably the best of the three.

      @PaulMontgomery Poor guy never got to play “serious” Batman. And on a different note, I found out that Lynda Carter had a male stunt double for a while in Wonder Woman. Hairy chested and suited up.

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