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Pick of the Week #407 – Three #1

Show Notes

Mike Romo is here! Mike Romo is here! Paul Montgomery took a powder this week, and we forge ahead, some of us broadcasting from a car in the garage, triggering grim deja vu. The comics were hot and the car kept getting hotter, but we’ve got books of the week, and most of them were #1 issues. We check in on some of the comics announced at New York Comic Con as well, and weigh in well before it’s wise. Also, we know it wasn’t the best connection, but it gets better as you keep going. Our apologies. Also apologies to the British and Phish fans.

Total Running Time: 01:01:11

Pick of the Week:
00:01:55 – Three #1

00:09:49 – Afterlife with Archie #1
00:16:22 – Superman / Wonder Woman #1
00:22:30 – Rocket Girl #1
00:25:51 – Batman ’66 #15
00:33:20 – Captain America #12
00:35:45 – Batman #24
00:40:14 – Astro City #5
00:41:43 – Federal Bureau of Physics #4
00:44:16 – Star Wars #10

New York Comic Con Announcements: 
00:47:28 – We go over some of the new book announcements from this weekend’s New York Comic Con, and the creative teams involved. We talk about: Outcast, Veil, Batman: Eternal, and a whole lot of new #1 books from Marvel.

“The Magic Number”
De La Soul


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  1. My pick of the week gotta be X Men Battle of the Atom, I’m just loving this event so much. One curve ball after another! And my runner up would be Ghosted #4.

  2. You don’t have to be old to enjoy Batman ’66. My 4 year old son found my paper copy and started looking through it. He now has a order at my LCS for it. Just like the TV show was for me, he doesn’t seem the campy silliness, he sees exciting adventures that he can act out. Unfortunately my2 year old daughter thinks her name has been changed to Robin.

    We’re reading together in print, as this gives him something to hold and refer back to when he’s playing (I’m not letting him near my laptop); so we’re a bit behind. I need this to stay nice and all ages. It’s refreshing to see (so far) that these stories have managed to be action packed but keep the fighting to a minimum.

  3. Three was my pick as well. I’m buying additional copies to pass out to all my friends who teach Classical Studies. I’m sure in a few years, this will be regularly read in college Classics courses.

  4. You guys really are a great version of the Comic-Shop-Gang-Who-Lures-Me-Into-Buying-Comics-I-Wouldn’t-Normally-Buy-But-Then-Ends-Up-Loving-Them. Thus, Image will now make $3 more this week because I’m buying THREE #1, and the Archie Comics folks will have $3 more too, cuz now I have to check out AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE. Thanks!

  5. Did you guys hear about marvel reprinting Miracle man by Moore and Gaiman and Gaiman finishing his run, would love to hear your opinions about it

    • We did. It’s certainly interesting but then again Marvel has been talking about MIRACLEMAN at cons for what seems like five years now. Granted, they’ve gone into more detail about releasing material this time than others but I’ll believe it when I see it.

      (Also, I saw on another website the editor of the project asking people who owned original pages to send them hi-rez scans for the collections which means that they don’t even have all the material together and ready to go yet.)

  6. Thanks for the show, it was as fun and informative as ever, nice to hear Mike in there.

    Did anyone else listen via iTunes? The sound went right down in. The last few minutes.

    Then again, I was in the shower – it could be ears full of gunk …

  7. On letters from Phish fans. “I’m going to get letters, but they’re not going to finish them”

    YES. My coworkers now think I am insane due to my bursting out in laughter while staring at a computer screen that contained nothing funny.

  8. Afterlife with Archie #1 was easily my pick of the week. What an amazing first issue.

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