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Pick of the Week #406 – All-New X-Men Special #1

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Something must be in the water, or maybe in the air, but whatever the reason, it’s a meandering episode of the Pick of the Week Podcast as Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, and Paul Montgomery discuss the week that was in comic books, as well as the dangers of Times Square, the final season of The Wire, and the proper pronunciation of a certain New England fish.

Total Running Time: 00:55:40

Pick of the Week:
00:02:19 – All-New X-Men Special #1

All-New X-Men_Special_1Comics:
00:10:33 – All-New X-Men #17
00:14:45 – Lazarus #4
00:18:16 – The Witching Hour #1
00:21:58 – The CBLDF Liberty Annual 2013
00:24:29 – Batman: Black & White #2
00:26:26 – Savage Wolverine #9
00:27:59 – Earth 2 #16
00:29:29 – Hunger #3
00:30:37 – Green Arrow #24
00:30:55 – Captain America: Living Legend #1

Audience Questions:
00:32:34 – Monty from Parts Unknown wants to recommend comics to Walter White.
00:37:05 – Chris from the Big Rig is not giving up on this “Thanos” pronunciation thing.
00:40:43 – Bryan from San Antonio, TX wants fantasy comics recommendations.

“I Love It”
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  1. I’m not a massive fan of fantasy but ‘Tellos’ was a great mini-series.

    Plus, I appreciated all the ‘Jaws’ references as I watched it on Blu-ray yesterday, which is the first time I’ve seen it since I was a kid.

  2. I’m really glad yous dudes are still dropping the podcast on us – it was always part of my Sunday ritual – and still is.

  3. I’d throw in Tom Strong and Daytripper for Walter White suggestions.

  4. I had a look through the All-New X-Men Special in the comic shop but thought the dialogue seemed a bit off so didn’t pick it up. Think my pick would have been the regular issue of A-NX-M this week as Batman B&W wasn’t that great. Surprised there was no mention of Marvel Knights Spider-Man which I thought was pretty decent.

    For fantasy books how about the ones that Becky Cloonan has been self-publishing like Wolves and The Mire? They’ve been very good.

  5. I think Skullkickers is a good suggestion for fantasy comics although it is very much on he humor side it is till a good fantasy comic.

  6. I’d recommend Smax by Alan Moore and Zander Cannon as a good fantasy read.

  7. Woohoo! I’m Mondy! My question is in the podcast! Can’t wait to listen!

  8. Haven’t listened to the podcast yet, so sorry if this was already mentioned.

    The best fantasy comic out in the past ten years was the first Dungeons & Dragons series put out by IDW. It’s written by Jon Rodgers and (mostly) drawn by Andre DiVito. The characters were cool and it read like a great TV show. I looked forward to that book every month it came out. There are only about 16 issues in total and they are worth tracking down.

  9. I get the podcast through DoggCatcher on my Android phone, but this episode isn’t showing up in the feed yet. Anyone else having a problem?

  10. Bone is a great all ages fantasy book.

  11. Is the Thanos pronunciation dependent of location? much like Super Mario East Coast vs West Coast’s Maaaaario.

  12. Why was Conor driving anywhere when you two lived in New York? I thought New Yorkers didn’t drive.

  13. The last few minutes of this episode made me slightly uncomfortable for MANY reasons.

  14. Paul Cornell’s recent run on Demon Knights was an excellent mix of the epic fantasy and superhero genres. Great art too. I loved the way it tied into arthurian legend and told a big story that still stayed contained to a few volumes.

  15. On the topic of fantasy comics, the first ones that come to mind for me are Jeff Smith’s Bone and the old Amythyst, Princess of Gemworld (that is if you can find it). I’m sure someone is going to mention Elfquest as well (I’ve never read it) but for the listener who was looking to start a new fantasy series, the upcoming series Umbral from Image has some promise.

  16. Since no else has brought it up Helheim by Cullen Bunn and Joelle Jones is a rock solid fantasy book full of Vikings, witches and monsters. Plenty of heads and limbs getting hacked off by battle axes as well as magic and other fun stuff.

    Also gotta throw fables in there, even tho a l

  17. For Walter White: Fantastic Four – family with scientist father…

    Fantasy: Pathfinder – but there are better stories out there. I like it, though.

  18. Fantasy: The comic adaptations of R. A. Salvatore’s works by Devil’s Due are good. They also did the Dragonlance Novels. Also, if you can find issues or collections, “Sojourn” from Crossgen was good. Any of the “Artesia” books would be good, too, though the last series abruptly ended.

  19. Great show once again, and I just wanted to put down that Icona Pop is now going through my head and I can’t get it out.

  20. I’m wondering as to why CBLDF gets repetitive but Time Warp . This isn’t rhetorical- Why do you think the same thematic point (free speech) gets tired but the same plot point (time travel) doesn’t?

    You could argue that Time Warp uses time travel in a lot of different ways, but I could argue that CBLDF uses free speech in a lot of different ways.

    Is it something inherent about the nature of theme vs. the nature of plot? Or was Time Warp just better?

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      That’s a good question. I suppose it’s because Liberty Annual is about free speech, whereas Time Warp was about many things, and time travel was merely a through line. Liberty Annual is just especially overt. And to be honest, Time Warp probably was better overall. More nuanced, more complex.

    • Ok I think I got it: “especially overt” is the key. If thematic similarity was an automatic yawn then I wouldn’t keep consuming specific artists. A key component of the auteur theory is unifying themes. Joss Whedon keeps harping on the existential “banding together to fight against our insignificance in the face of the universe” thing, as did Jack Kirby.

      I guess, like most things in art, “how it’s done” is intrinsically related to “what is done.”

  21. Bryan from San Antonio here! I’m surprised I actually got about ten minutes of answer from you guys. I’m not surprised the answer is basically “nope!” Josh is right, the best part of Martin books is the non-magic bits.

    You were dead on with Northlanders, by pure coincidence I had read it very shortly after I had sent that email.

    Cerebus I have also read already. It took me three months. The Mind Game issues were the best.

    Bone! How could I have forgotten Bone. Yes, that one is quite epic. Probably the best of any epic comic book fantasy.

    Spera, I had seen in a comic book shop once and I was wondering if it was any good. Totally going for it.

    Hinterkind, sounds great, but yes, Paul, totally urban. I’ll be checking it out.

  22. For Walter White: something by Jim Shooter. Sean Howe found a unifying theme: megalomaniacs are misunderstood and would save the universe if imbiciles would just do what they’re told

  23. I second the recommendation of Skullkickers as a good fantasy comic. I’d also recommend the Dungeons and Dragons comic that IDW put out a few years ago which was written by John Rogers. IDW also reprinted the excellent Forgotten Realms comics written by Jeff Grubb with art by Rags Morales which were originally put out by DC

    • I would suggest Mike Grell’s work on the DC comic “The Warlord” which I enjoyed a lot. A “man out of time” storyline where the hero is an Air Force pilot who gets stranded in a sword and sorcery fantasy environment. The plot is very much like the Edgar Rice Buroughs’ Pellucidar series. Dinosaurs, wizards, and advanced technology from a long lost Atlantean colony are all part of the mix. The first 30 issues are collected in a DC Showcase Presents black and white format. A relaunch of series lasted 16 issues and was on the stands before the lauch of the new 52. If you enjoy that, stick with the stories where Mike Grell wrote and drew the book.

  24. Sigh…I miss the community here a lot. Anyone have a recommendation of another website with user reviews and rating of comics?

  25. Elfquest–you can read it off the Pini’s site for free courtesy of the Pinis: http://www.elfquest.com/gallery/OnlineComics3.html

    I also liked: Sandman
    Conan & King Conan

  26. Bone has already been listed, so instead I will chime in with the new series Rat Queens. Very fun first issue!

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