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Pick of the Week #38 – Detective Comics #821

Show Notes

Finally, a light week in comics that brings Detective Comics #821 as Josh Flanagan’s Pick, as well discussion around Uncanny X-Men #475 and 52 Week 9. We answer a ton of listener e-mail and continue to get excited for the San Diego Comic-Con.

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Running Time: 00:55:11

Pick of the Week:
00:01:24 – Josh tells us of his pick, Detective Comics #821, written by the almighty Paul Dini.

00:13:09 – Our smoothest segue ever brings us to Uncanny X-Men #475.
00:22:01 – We obey the mandate, and discuss 52 Week 9.

00:29:22 – Dominic is curious if the X-Men: Age of Apocalypse books are worth reading.
00:31:15 – Brian from Palatine, Illinois asks if we like the latest Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps books.
00:33:24 – Jason (“The Bat”) from San Antonio, Texas is back with tales of comics intolerance from his fiancee’.
00:36:16 – JD wants to know why we hate Wizard so much.
00:40:57 – Todd, who didn’t realize that we’re not actually comics journalists, wants to know why we hate Rob Liefeld.
00:43:23 – Steve who tells us of how comics have helped his life.

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00:48:30 – We’re very excited for the San Diego Comic Con and tell of the details of iFanboy’s presence in San Diego, including a meet up, the comics podcasts panel and more!
00:51:06 – The Frappr map is up to 223 people!

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