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Pick of the Week #35 – Civil War #2

Show Notes

Do you have an hour to waste? We did! And we did this one call-in show style, because Conor’s cable modem went down just before recording. Then, oh, how we talked about Civil War.

Running Time: 00:53:39

Pick of the Week:
00:01:27 – Apparently some other books came out, but the winner, hands down, was Civil War #2. The team spends a good long while talking about the ramifications of this issue.

00:20:00 – Ron reminds us about that other Marvel event: “Annihilation”, as well as the events of Thunderbolts #103.
00:27:04 – Conor, hoping for more cowboy fun, is betrayed by Dan Slott’s Two-Gun Kid.
00:29:15 – Ron and Conor touch on the end of Captain Atom: Armageddon and the upcoming reboot of the Wildstorm Universe.

00:31:10 – Mac wants to know the highlights from the DC and Marvel Universe in the last 20 years. Easy!
00:35:28 – Raphael from Berwyn, IL hates comic book subscription services, wants to know where to get comics when he visits New York City, how to avoid muggings while there, and is iFanboy going to WizardWorld Chicago?
00:42:24 – Travis updates us on The Absolute Sandman. Ron insults more people who like The Cure.
00:43:12 – Dominic is thinking about reading Queen and Country and doesn’t know where to start.

00:47:56 – Frappr map up to 193. We say hey to some of the folks posting on the map.

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“The Magic Number”
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