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Pick of the Week #28 – The New Avengers Annual #1

Show Notes

The Marvel train continues to roll as Josh Flanagan chooses the unlikely, but excellent The New Avengers Annual #1. We also dig into some talk about Batman and Ron Richards gets nervous about what Joss Whedon is doing to Cyclops. Then, it’s listener mail, where we talk about conventions, comic shop owners and Magneto and Electro for the last time.

Running Time: 00:47:36

Pick of the Week:
00:01:33 – The New Avengers Annual #1

00:12:05 – Batman #652
00:15:39 – Astonishing X-Men #14
00:21:33 – Runaways #15
00:22:18 – X-Factor #6
00:24:09 – Savage Dragon #125

00:27:28 – Jim apologies to Ron for saying he should leave the show, compares him to Wonder Woman, and wonders if iFanboy read Just a Pilgrim.
00:29:16 – Mike from Greenwood, SC wants Ron to never miss the show again and asks about the prize he never received for returning Wolverine #131 to Marvel.
00:32:07 – Chris from Pittsburgh, PA had a ton of fun at Pittsburgh Con and wonders if iFanboy goes to shows in their area.
00:38:05 – John is a high school physics teacher and is here to clear up Magneto and Electro’s powers.
00:40:44 – Tim has one more type to add to the list of “Guys You Find in the Comic Book Store.”

00:43:00 – Frappr map update!

“Where Do You Get Love”
Matthew Sweet


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