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Pick of the Week #25 – Detective Comics #818

Show Notes

Well, its the episode you’ve been waiting for! It’s an extra long one, clocking in at an hour and 20 minutes, and we are reading and answering YOUR questions! Thanks to all our listeners for a great 25 episodes, and here’s to 25 more! We’ve opened up the comments if you want to give us any feedback on the podcast. Don’t hold back!

Running Time: 01:20:45

Pick of the Week:
00:02:27 – Detective Comics #818

00:07:49 – What other books did iFanboy read this week?

00:12:17 – Scott from Scotland, UK wants to know what the iFanboys think of The Goon, and after loving Brubaker on Daredevil may go check out Captain America.
00:15:56 – Ian G. asks the iFanboys what their one desert island trade paperback would be.
00:17:27 – Logan from Arizona is new to comics and needs recommendations for new series to read.
00:21:22 – Dominic (AKA Cletus Van Dom) thinks the history of Daredevil documentary in the Daredevil DVD special features is worth watching.
00:24:11 – Jamie asks about iFanboy’s all-time favorite comic book covers.
00:28:47 – VJ wants to know which comics should be adapted into films and which should remain untouched.
00:33:55 – Jim S. wants iFanboy’s thoughts on Books of Doom, The Walking Dead, X-Men: Deadly Genesis, Aries, Ultimate X-Tinction, and Fell.
00:37:16 – Miguel asks… if Bullseye could hit Longshot? What would happen if the Blob and Juggernaut collided? Shouldn’t Magneto and Electro have the same powers? Just what is the Power Cosmic? What’s the story with Evilhawk? Did iFanboy play the Capcom Marvel fighting games? Is Eternity the entire embodiment of the Marvel Universe? What’s Captain America shield made out of and what the hell is vibranium? What did iFanboy think of the Earth-X/Universe-X/Paradise-X trilogy and Exiles?
00:50:50 – Cameron is worried about what will happen to The New Avengers after Civil War.
00:56:40 – Troy defends All-Star Superman #3.
01:00:11 – Michael (or Steve) wants to know who iFanboy is and where they came from, and is curious how the podcast is produced.

01:17:58 – Frappr map update!

“Back and To The Left”
Texas is The Reason


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  1. Long is good, comic book discussion is always great, so more is better.

  2. I enjoyed the show and Im asking you guys to consider making the show atleast 15 minutes longer. I emailed you guys too so hit me up when you can.

  3. I haven’t seen an email. Where’d you send it? Contact@ifanboy.com?

    Thanks for the compliments!

  4. found it!

  5. Just wanted to chime in on the Electro/Magneto powers question. They would both have the same powers because when an elctric field changes intestity it creates a magnetic field and vice versa. Current flowing down a wire produces a magnetic field around the wire. This is essentially how an electromagnet works (e.g. the solenoid in your car). Therefore, when they used their powers they would each create both types of field.

    Whoa … that was a hardcore geek-out

  6. Yeah Josh I sent it to that one.

  7. I want to congratulate you guys on 25 podcasts and to say that I have been having a lot of fun listening to them. I have been reading comics for 15 years now and it is great to hear some decent non-industry opinions. I dropped Wizard Magazine over a year ago and you guys have become my replacement. My friends have been on-again/off-again comic readers, your podcasts are exactly like the conversations we have had. I even wrangled one of my friends to start picking up comics again and turned him onto your podcast. Keep up the great work. I look forward to listening to twenty-five more.

  8. Fun show as usual guys. I agree with Darrell and wouldn’t mind if the show was a little longer each week – maybe an hour or so instead of the normal 40-45 minutes? It seems a little more relaxed.

    A few comments on this weeks show…

    Detective Comics was my pick of the week too. It was just a lot of fun to read, plus I love Gordon as the commissioner.

    Everyone should at least try Walking Dead. It is a zombie book, but that really just sets the scene for what it really is – a wonderful human drama with outstanding characters and great dialog.

    Fell might be worth a second look for you. It is a police/crime book starring Richard Fell, a dectective who just moved to a small, corrupt town and is trying to work and live there, although he is finding it fairly difficult to do so. Each book is stand-alone. The art is always a standard 9-panel page layout, so there are no splash pages. It is only 16 pages of story (although there are usually an additional few pages of letters and commentary by Ellis in the back), but the best thing about it is the $1.99 price. It is usually fairly dense, so it takes just as long to read as a normal 22 page comic (or longer, in the case of Moon Knight). Give it a shot – it is definitely not your normal Warren Ellis book. It is my favorite of his current books.

    Lastly – Books of Doom. I am surprised no one there has been reading this since it is an Ed Brubaker book. Basically retells the origin of Doom. It is pretty good for what it is, but there hasn’t been anything special or unique about it, and I don’t really know why it needed to be made – hasn’t his origin been told several times already? But if you don’t know Doom’s origin and want to, it is probably your best bet.

  9. Who’s the tool that described Fell as a couple of panels per page and costing $3? It’s $1.99 per issue and it’s a denser read with its 9 to 12 page panels than most books that are 22 pages long.

  10. Easy Bill. Easy.

    That tool was me. I’ve been burned by Ellis books in the past. If he’s gone back to writing like he did for Transmetropolitan, I’d be all for it.

    I’ll actually check out the book. But I’ll do so because of Derek’s comments. See, he was nice.

  11. Holy crap, I forgot to give you guys credit for continuing to create awareness of Darkhawk. He was my favorite superhero back in the day and I have stayed loyal to him ever since I picked up the first issue. To further clarify information…

    Evilhawk was an intergalactic gangster who commissioned that armors be created for his organization. There were five armors, which each had an amulet that would transport the consciousness of a user into an android body. There were five amulets that worked with five different android bodies. Chris was the title Darkhawk. There was a mutant who called himself Portal, who wore the armor of one of the androids that he found lifeless on another planet. Portal only had the armor, not the amulet. Evilhawk’s humanoid body was destroyed and he was trapped in his android body, he wanted to put himself in Chris’s human body. I don’t think any of the other android armors ever showed up in the series. Darkhawk did get an upgrade to his armor at the end of the series and with it he got some new abilities, but I forget the circumstances involved with Darkhawk 2.0. There was an Overhawk being in the last few issues. I think he was a villain that had some mega-Darkhawk armor, but I don’t remember anything from that either.

  12. You just beat Jim on the geek-out. Did you type all that from memory? If so, welcome to the club. Nice work.

  13. This Darkhawk thing is getting out of hand…


  14. I still don’t even know what he looks like. Wait, I just went to wikipedia and looked. Hunh, so that’s Darkhawk? Carry on.

  15. …I think we’re onto to something here…

  16. All of that came from off the top of my head. Darkhawk was the first teen-hero comic that I read. At that point Peter Parker had already been married for a while and there was no Ultimate Spider-man to project my teen angst on. I could go into Darkhawk appearances since the series was cancelled. If anyone is interested.

    When my friends and I started reading comics we all took different titles so that we could cover more ground. I read Darkhawk, New Warriors, and What-if. One guy read Silver Sable, Sleepwalker, and Deathlok. Another guy read X-Men 2099. Another read Silver Surfer and the Spider-man Clone Saga. We had most of the Marvel Universe covered. We all read the Infinity Gauntlet, Maximum Carnage, and Age of Apocalpyse. Ahhhh, the 90’s, so many titles for so many c-list characters.

  17. Great podcast–listened while I cut the grass. Moon Knight, huh? I may have to go and check it out.

  18. You had a friend read the clone saga? Poor bastard, how did his eyes not bleed!

  19. Is there any truth to what I have heard that the Clone Saga was all an attempt to write Mary jane out fo the story and get Peter single again?

  20. Congrats on your 25th. Your podcast and my friend Dave are the reason I am back in comics and hopefully this time back for good. Keep up the good work and let us know what we should be looking for at the Pittsburgh comicon. I am getting my list together but you guys might point out something I missed.

  21. hey for the record i’m not a huge “america” themed comic reader, it just sorted happened to be what i was reading. ha, but i knew that what would be thought when i was typing it, it’s chill though. also i’m currently a physics major and i emailed you guys about the electricity and magnatism stuff in some detail that came up in the podcast…

  22. You gave grist to the mill, and what happened after that was out of our control.

    Thanks though. And I am going to be trying American Way.

  23. We cannot control the podcast – it goes where it must.

  24. ha yeah, i know. me and my girlfriend just started laughing when you guys were talking about my question. but yeah, i would recommend American Way. the first book is just kinda trippy compaired to the other comics i’ve read.

  25. Congratulations guys, WE PULLED THROUGH.
    I don’t know what that means.

    1. Logan, I read the first issue of American Way because the writer helped write Three Kings, a favorite favorite favorite movie of mine. I liked it, but the guy over at XAxis (http://www.thexaxis.com/) totally burst the bubble on it for me. My shop hasn’t carried any of the subsequent issues, and I haven’t asked for it. Are they good? Is issue two out? three?

    2. TOOL?!?! Is that the first ever IFanboy insult?

    3. I was surprised to see that no one mentioned Muddle in the podcast. I know I continually bring it up, and that there’s a part of me that really wants to think I’m old school or whatever because of it, but I jumped onto this website because from a link on the Muddle site. Is there any connection? I DON’T EVEN KNOW. I just remember someone named Ron as one of the writers and I’m not even sure I remember that correctly anymore.

    4. Texas is the Reason RULED.

    5. All I’m reading this week is the Kubert graphic novel Jew Gangster. It doesn’t stand out in any way, I just like it. Kind of like the Road to Perdition one, it’s a fun read, but there’s nothing really fantastic about it. I just bought the History of Violence book, but I made myself promise I’d finish all of this semester’s homework before reading that. Maybe next week I’ll hit the shop and grab the new Ex Ma-Kee-nah.

    6. Frodus ruled too.

    7. If I could take any trade with me to a desert island, it would probably be the Revenge of the Sinister Six trade by Larsen. After a lengthy break from comics, it was Eric Larsen, the Savage Dragon, and the Ninja Turtles that brought me back.

  26. Oooooh, yeah – Muddle!

    I’ll let Ron take that one.

  27. Muddle was a fanzine I published from 1995 through 2002 focused on the Indie Rock/Punk/Hardcore music scene, we also covered some film and comics from time to time (I interviewed Terry Moore and Erik Larsen for Muddle). It was a fun ride while it lasted, but all good things come to an end eventually.

    I think you’re the only person I got to come to the iFanboy site via a banner or ad in Muddle Dude, so thank you for that.

  28. Who was involved in it? Was it just you, Ron?

    I remember seeing the huge-ass final issue, but I never got it.
    Do you have 1000000’s of them lying around? Because I’ll take one off of your hands.

    Erik Larsen still rules, even though I don’t read Savage Dragon anymore.

  29. I published it along with a guy I was friends with in college, we had a bunch of writers/photographers etc (Josh did an interview for the last issue that never saw print unfortunately, I don’t think Conor ever wrote for us..)

    I have copies of the last issue laying around – email me your contact info (ron@ifanboy.com)and I’ll dig one up and mail it to you…The Larsen interview, done via email, while awkward was funny…

  30. I was going to write something, but then it folded. In fact, I had a great idea for a personal essay. Oh, well. Maybe sometime, somewhere in the future.

    And I was a technical advisor, of sorts, to that interview that happened in Brooklyn Heights. 🙂

  31. I made the podcast! huzzaaaaaah

    at last, I can rest knowing that the powere cosmic is a cosmic power

  32. the interview that should never be mentioned again…

  33. I had several pieces to be published in the never-to-be published last issue of Muddle. Among them were interviews with both Joe Casey and Bruce Campbell, as well as a short story.

    Damn you muddle!

    I remember seeing Frodus in a room smaller than my office now in a dorm lounge at Cornell. Energy. Lots of that.

    Yes, that’s the first insult for this newer version of iFanboy. I was told to “get over it,” so I did. Warren Ellis is my weak spot.

  34. “the dude abides”, american way #2 is already out, and #3 will be out in like 3 weeks. i like it, it is just not a typical superhero comic book, i think it is more of a ‘comic for people who don’t reaelly like comics’. but if you have a chance i’d say to try to pick up the series. it is among my favorites. also i must say to everyone, pick up “GUN FU” by image if you can find it, i thought it was way well done, but it was only a #1 of 1 run and came out late last month.

  35. I know that Ellis is kind of a one trick pony, but I really enjoy Fell. It’s cheap and you can just pick up one ish, with the stand alone story aspect. Also, I dig the art. It’s the same guy who does Hatter M (can’t remember his name off the top of my head).

    But as far as he goes, if I was to try one Ellis book, I’d give Desolation Jones a shot. I love that book. The story has become more convoluted as of late, so if you can find the first couple issues I’d recommend picking it up. It’s bimonthly, and on the 6th issue, so maybe you’re better just waiting for the trade.

    Oh, Dave Graham, there was a thread over on the Bendis Board about getting Ellis to propose a Max book about Darkhawk. He mused about it a couple of times in his blog. He thought it was a ridiculous character (I love DH and I can admit that) but he thought it might be fun. I’d love it, really.

    Also, I loved the first issue of Moon Knight. Good stuff. I’m going to stick with it for a while.

    Great podcast. Loved the email section and the background on you guys. Great job.

  36. When are we going to see the favorite covers thread?

  37. It’s going to be a little while before you see the favorite covers feature. It’s something that is just in the development stages and we’ve got another feature coming before that one.

  38. Jim,

    We’ll do it, but it’s probably going to be in the future. It’s going to take some time to get out the boxes and do the research and the scanning and all that. And frankly right now, it’s weeks away at least. But we do have some other things planned for sooner than that. That is, if we can get THE MAN off our backs.

  39. I didnt realize there was such a groundswell for my Favorite Covers thread. The people are speaking and they want covers, and cool ones.

    You guys did mention a really cool one in the Podcast and i will tell you that I think it was in Bendis’ top 10 list in CBG. It was the 4th wall breaking X-Men where the logo is in the grips of a Sentinel I beleive (or maybe not a sentinel, I only remember the logo part. I don’t keep every magazine like Ron does so I don’t have it anymore…

  40. Zinger!

  41. they’re all just copying the original…

  42. That’s it. Apparently it’s not a Sentinel but instead some large being with the Quaker Oats guy’s cap on. But yes, that is the cover. Very cool.

  43. I believe its the Living Monolith – I have to check my Marvel Visionaires: Neal Adams trade though…

  44. Wikipedia says it it. But no explamation for the Quaker Oats hat.

  45. Maybe he likes a balanced breakfast.

  46. It IS the right thing to do, as well as the tasty way to do it.

  47. Wilfred Brimley haunts my nightmares.

  48. Excellent 25th podcast guys. It works, mainly because you seem real comfortable with each other — and it seems like you’re having fun. I hope that’s the case, at least. I know I enjoy listening.

    Just wondering — what do you in your professional lives? I assume you all have careers (almost have to, to feed the habit).

    By the way, an expanded conversation about covers would be a great topic. My favorite cover was a mid-60’s Batman where Blockbuster hammered the logo with his fist.

    I also remember an Action/Superman from that era where Supergirl was trying to prevent Superman from busting a dome over a city. I think Neal Adams drew it. I was 8 at the time, and we were driving from Minnesota to California on vacation. Five kids in the car, no seatbelts, and yours truly in the back of a smoke-filled station wagon rolling along mountain roads, totally lost in the DC Universe. What a great memory. I don’t know what happened in the comic, but I remember that cover — all 12 cents of it. (12 cents? Jesus.)

    I also loved the GL/GA Speedy herion issue you mentioned. I bought it a few years before my own delinquency started. Denny O’Neill, you’re a great writer, but you didn’t scare ME straight!(The police did.)

  49. Dark moments from Doug’s past have surfaced on the website!

    Really, thanks much for the compliments. That’s what we’re shooting for. Maybe we’ll open up and you’ll learn more about us on the magical 50th, 1 year anniversary show. I mean it too: measurements, home phone numbers, academic transcripts…no holds barred.

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