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Pick of the Week #20 – Infinite Crisis #5

Show Notes

Hi! You may be wondering where episode #19 is. It’s still stuck in Josh’s dead computer. Once he gets his new one, we’ll get it published for you to enjoy in a time capsule sorta way.

Here you have it, Pick of the Week #20, where we discuss Infinite Crisis #5, among many other things.

Running Time: 00:44:53

Pick of the Week:
00:00:46 – Infinite Crisis #5

00:12:24 – Detective Comics #817
00:15:00 – Aquaman #40
00:18:30 – The Outsiders #34

Ron Rant:
00:18:57 – The Reveal of the Third Summers Brother

00:21:36 – Batman Annual #25

Game Time:
00:23:55 – iFanboy’s First Comic Books

00:26:46 – Jonah Hex #5
00:27:50 – Ms. Marvel #1

00:30:38 – Steve wants to know if iFanboy really thinks Frank Cho is a great artist.
00:33:46 – Jason read X-Men: Mythos #1, is a big fan of The New Avengers but was not happy how Alpha Flight was dispatched, has been enjoying The Walking Dead and Invincible, and has been getting back into Daredevil.

00:40:00 – Frappr map update!



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