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Pick of the Week #791 – Beta Ray Bill #5

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick is back! And so is The Bell because every comic book came out this week!

Running Time: 01:09:42

Pick of the Week:
00:02:51 – Beta Ray Bill #5

00:14:19 – Action Comics #1033
00:19:42 – Superman: Son of Kal-El #1
00:24:31 – The United States of Captain America #2
00:30:01 – That Texas Blood #8
00:34:05 – Strange Adventures #11

The Bell:
00:41:39 – The Bell is back!
00:42:58 – Groo Meets Tarzan #1
00:43:20 – Robin #4
00:43:48 – Avengers: Mech Strike #5
00:44:09 – Black Knight: Curse of the Ebony Blade #5
00:44:34 – Shang-Chi #3
00:44:56 – Batman/Superman #20
00:45:22 – Icon & Rocket: Season One #1
00:45:44 – Batman: Reptillian #2
00:46:09 – The Scumbag #9
00:46:31 – Usagi Yojimbo: The Dragon Bellow Conspiracy #2
00:46:53 – The Blue Flame #3
00:47:18 – Made in Korea #4
00:47:43 – Black Cat #8
00:48:07 – Daredevil #32
00:48:30 – Shadow Doctor #5
00:48:53 – The Old Guard: Tales Through Time #4
00:49:17 – Fantastic Four #34
00:49:41 – Symbiote Spider-Man: Crossroads #1

Patron Pick:
00:50:37 – Amazing Fantasy #1

Patron Thanks:
00:55:25 – Juan Ponce
00:56:45 – Kid Keith
00:57:30 – John Costello
00:58:39 – Off-White Saviour

Audience Question:
00:59:33 – Paul P. has been doubling up on his reading and wonders if that might benefit the iFanboys.

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  1. I didn’t know how much I needed Michael Lark back in my life lmao

  2. I would disagree and say that the Tomasi and Gleason Superman run was great instead of just saying we have had solid Superman stories. I know you two have been in the minority with praising the Bendis run, but he has made many bad decisions. Remember that he is responsible for creating Rogol Zar who was revealed to have been responsible for destroying Krypton. Marc Andreyko doubled down on that idea in his Supergirl run. Revealing Superman’s identity was a complete waste of time and no one cares to acknowledge it now so another loss for Bendis. He said in an interview that he did it to make his mark on the character which was a terrible justification.

    Bendis then aged up Jon to a 17 year old paving the way to making him Superman in the modern day instead of just as a Future State idea. Phillip Kennedy Johnson was asked why he would not de-age Jon and he said he wouldn’t want to disrespect Bendis by doing that and there are plans which eventually led to Tom Taylor’s series being announced. Bendis disrespected Tomasi and Gleason by aging Jon up and I know they didn’t want it to happen. Jon going with the real Jor-El for years was a terrible idea before Jor-El was just put back on Krypton at the moment it would blow up. I have no problem with Jon becoming the new Superman honestly in the modern day. If he was allowed to age naturally, that’s better and I was never against a timeline. You could tell stories in the modern day and in the future at the same time. That would not have been that difficult. Now the Tomasi and Gleason run did establish the idea that Jon might end up being more powerful than his father. It was on the nose in the comic by Tom Taylor where I liked the issue, but didn’t love it.

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