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Pick of the Week #789 – Man-Eaters: The Cursed #1

Show Notes

Weeks where the Pick is a more elusive choice often lead to more thoughtful conversation. We also spend some time talking about books we aren’t talking about. That’s new. Finally, we’d like to apologize to Italians.

Running Time: 01:13:43

Pick of the Week:
00:02:05 – Man-Eaters: The Cursed #1

00:11:01 – Thor #15
00:16:37 – Batman: Urban Legends #5
00:21:17 – Savage Hearts #1
00:24:10 – The Flash 2021 Annual #1
00:30:47 – Spider-Woman #13
00:33:50 – Norse Mythology II #2
00:35:50 – X-Corp #3
00:38:14 – Sinister War #1

Patron Pick:
00:44:46 – Ninjak #1

Patron Thanks:
00:52:46 – Daniel
00:53:44 – Ryan Williams
00:54:29 – Stephen Hereford
00:55:18 – Christopher Nickols

Audience Question:
00:57:52 – The Commandant wonders, “What about exclusive 1 of 1 prints from digital only comic book artists?’.

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  1. re: one of one print purchases

    There are five reasons to buy art, all of which may be contributing factors but typically one reason is dominate. My guess is that your reluctance to buy one of one prints is based on your reason why you buy Art combined with an antiquated notion about “the role of the artist”

    My guess would be that you are buying art for the category reason of “souvenir”. You had an experience upon viewing a work, meaning was transferred and you seek to recreate that meaning/experience again. You want a remnant of a creative act to obtain a connection to the object which gave you the experience. (See philosopher John Dewey’s “Art as Experience” to learn more and explained) A computer generated print is removed from the creative process just enough in your head to break the experience chain. Ask yourself if you watched Jorge Fornes draw on a computer in front of you and then bought that computer with the drawing on the screen, would that seem closer to the experience you desire? If so then you know your reluctance is based on your reason for buying art.

    For those playing at home the other four reasons are: investment, decor, patronage, status. If your dominate reason for buying art was “investment “ there would be no reluctance to purchasing a one of one print as it will have value. If your reason to buy Art was “decor” all you would care about is the end image and the original or the print would both look equally as pretty over your couch…etc.. for the rest… “patronage” = the artist gets the money either way; “status” = your friends will be impressed by the exclusivity and good taste of it regardless.

    Also you guys have views about art and the art process that have not been relevant in contemporary art since the 1950s. It’s OK as most everyone in society shares the same views. A current contemporary artist rarely has a complete creative hand in the final outcome of their artwork and use many people to help in the fabrication and installation. As an aside: Most photographers do not shoot on film, or use the chemical process to create silver gelatin prints. (side-side note: all photographers manipulate the image, even just by their framing and selection, so it is an act of creating through decisions/choices even if the final image is unmanipulated and it is more than mere “capturing”)

    Fine art printing is not just pressing print on your screen, unless you wish to remove any nuance and distinction from the process (and that is already making the difference of any lithography, screen printing and other hand printing techniques from technological based ones) You have this old belief based on the simplified mythology of the past that the “true” artists does everything themselves which was never really the case and is mostly not the case currently. An architect doesn’t build his own buildings, an industrial designer doesn’t forge his own products and an artist does not need to fabricate their own work. It’s a big jump to make because people who want to be right more than they want to be open can easily reductio ad absurdum that logic out to make themselves feel better and not need to change, but it is true to the contemporary art of today.

    and if you read this far on a post weeks after the fact you should really find something better to do with your life.

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