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Pick of the Week #785 – Fantastic Four #33

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Do you know all of the members of the Fantastic Four? You will. And the company that will bring it to you is iFanboy. Plus an old voice makes a surprise appearance!

Running Time: 01:04:20

Pick of the Week:
00:01:54 – Fantastic Four #33

00:13:29 – Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #1
00:20:25 – The Flash #771
00:24:30 – Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1
00:32:53 – Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology II #1
00:35:46 – Compass #1

Hellfire Gala Corner:
00:38:00 – New Mutants #19 / X-Corp #1 / Planet-Size X-Men #1

Star Wars Corner:
00:40:56 – Star Wars #14

Patron Pick:
00:43:57 – Static: Season One #1

Patron Thanks:
00:53:16 – Seth Johnson
00:54:20 – Khalid Mallassi
00:55:51 – James Decker
00:57:02 – Casey Lemke

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  1. I really liked Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #1 and Tom King said he wanted to do 12 issues, but DC doesn’t trust Supergirl to sell well where he was allowed 8 extended issues instead. He had said it is not a deconstructionist take on the character and it’s much more like Superman: Up in the Sky in tone. He has mentioned it being a western and it being like True Grit. Then the character Rutheye is named after his niece where it’s pronounced Ruth-ee like Ruthie and she said to add the extra e. He said it’s also in continuity compared to his other current work which is interesting. Then he went back to using captions and he wanted a more hopeful comic. I’m very excited for it going forward.

    • I also want to add that Tom King said that he actually gave the Supergirl comic to his children compared to his other work. I do agree with you both where reading it, you wouldn’t think it’s by Tom King.

    • Definitely got a True Grit feel from it with Rutheye being a young head strong girl trying to hire someone for a job.

      Really enjoyed the book and seeing where it goes. Mostly looking forward to Kara gabbing a definitive story that feels like her own thing.

    • Great art but I hated this issue, it’s not about Supergirl at all. It’s all from the POV of Ruthye, whom King tweeted would be our new favourite character. Drunk, cursing, vomiting Supergirl isn’t the hero here, and if she does wind up killing the dad’s killer – surely that’s a red herring – then that’s me off King for good.

      How many times must Supergirl be brought to rock bottom or corrupted? How many times must she come to terms with a tragic past? Brian Bendis it has recently shown her being a valued, respected, loved member of the Super family, but here she either has no one who wants to celebrate with her, or she just wants to be alone – I fear this is leading to the lonely, insipid Superwoman of Future State.

      As for hurting the dog, how low can you go?

      Tom King gives this to kids to read? This is a story about Hope? Ye gods.

    • Tom King in that same interview made fun of Supergirl being angry in so many stories. A dog gets hurt in Tom Taylor’s Nightwing run where the dog gets kicked in his first issue of his run. It is obviously easy to make a villain hated who harms dogs. John Wick anyone? Supergirl got drunk on her 21st birthday and how isn’t she the hero? Supergirl already said she doesn’t kill in the issue. She’s not at rock bottom and anyone getting drunk on their 21st birthday isn’t a horrible person who hit rock bottom if she is on her own at a bar. If you think that, well more power to you.

      There are people who like being on their own. She defended Rutheye in case you forgot and using the perspective of another character works. That’s not an original idea with stories. I feel like you went in wanting to hate it honestly with those criticisms. Why wouldn’t you give this to children? Superman Smashes the Klan with overt racism is also for children. That happens with many stories.

  2. Yeah, people tend to just reference Kara’s death in Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Peter David run was great, but that wasn’t Kara since it was Linda as the Matrix Supergirl and Sterling Gates also had a great run featuring Kara before he was fired and kicked off that comic. I consider Many Happy Returns to be the best Supergirl story which features both Linda and Kara. Kara’s appearance in Christmas with the Super-Heroes #2 is fantastic too. A definitive story that can just be handed to people about Kara doesn’t exist honestly.

  3. There was an interesting connection between your discussion of two comics this week. You had mentioned you hadn’t really read a lot of the original Milestone comics, although you did know Dwayne McDuffie had been one of the original creators. You also were unfamiliar with when Black Panther had been a member of the Fantastic Four. Coincidentally, that had been during the time when Dwayne McDuffie had been writing the series. Reed and Sue were off on some long-term adventure (I do not recall what that was) and they were replaced by Black Panther and Storm, who were married at the time. I had similar feelings to the ones you guys had regarding the issues of Fantastic Four, Static, and Supergirl that were discussed. Thanks for the great discussion. Your podcast makes mowing the lawn so much more pleasant. ALSO: Did you guys read the 6 Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton? I am not sure which week that came out, but I only just got it last week and it was fantastic.

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