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Pick of the Week #782 – Strange Adventures #10

Show Notes


We get deep into the mysteries of this week’s Pick, and are starting to find some other gems in the further reaches of mainstream comics. Who would have guessed it was the clown book? But the superhero books rate high on the G.O.S.H.* scale, which gets better every time. Also, two old men expound on something.

*Good Ol’ Super Heroes

Running Time: 01:14:07

Pick of the Week:
00:01:43 – Strange Adventures #10

00:15:22 – Haha #5
00:20:05 – Shadow Doctor #4
00:27:11 – Made in Korea #1
00:31:49 – Maestro: War and Pax #5
00:39:08 – Robin #2
00:40:29 – Alien #3
00:42:29 – Stargirl: Spring Break Special #11

Patron Pick:
00:46:51 – The Blue Flame #1

Patron Thanks:
00:54:01 – Michael Sturgeon
00:54:58 – Jenn Perretta
00:55:55 – Deezer Irons
00:57:04 – Guisseppe Buttici

Audience Question:
00:58:44 – Andy B. wants to know if NFTs are the future of comic book original art.

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“Strange Times”
The Black Keys


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  1. Is Doctor Doom really a Doctor though?

    Doom’s origin clearly has him expelled from college after the whole face-scarring, exploding astral projection machine fiasco that Reed Richards tried to mess up with his proper math calculations or as it’s also known, the driving animus of Doom against Reed.

    Unless it’s been retconed I sense some sort of mail order Latverian degree situation here…

  2. 22 pages for 6 books = 132 pages total
    20 pages for 5 books = 100 pages total

    A difference of 32 pages or 24% from the original.

    Losing almost a quarter of the story.

  3. NFTs
    People may act like NFTs aren’t solely about profiteering without productivity, as some financial derivative, but when any artist already has a viable method of working within the given system to monetize their work* but hops on this Ponzi scheme fad it is solely about cashing in and who cares who is left holding the bag.

    *Digital Art :simply print up any digital original onto Bristol board and chop (embossed mark) it, stamp it, and sign it like all fine artists’ prints already do. Create at any print run to set value. Marks equal provenance. Sell in original art market channels.

    That said it does feel like I’m living in a world where we’re going off the gold standard and everyone is like “this is great, we all just need to pretend this paper means something now” and I’m the hold out who is like “you’re all crazy. this will collapse.”

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