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Pick of the Week #773 – Batman/Superman #16

Show Notes

The Pick of the Week causes college flashbacks and everything is just groovy.

Running Time: 01:01:45

Pick of the Week:
00:02:33 – Batman/Superman #16

00:15:13 – Taskmaster #5
00:19:46 – Shadow Doctor #2
00:26:27 – The Scumbag #6
00:33:23 – Die!Die!Die! #14
00:35:53 – Miles Morales: Spider-Man #24
00:38:13 – Haha #3
00:40:27 – Crimson Flower #3

Patron Pick:
00:42:26 – Alien #1

Patron Thanks:
00:50:44 – Jason Muhr
00:51:37 – Stephen Landry
00:52:42 – Jimmy Hollenbeck
00:53:40 – The Disastrous DaveBoy

Audience Questions:
00:54:31 – Wes A. from Fridley, MN wants to know what happened to the good half of The New Gods.

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  1. Wow, I’m surprised you didn’t cover Maestro: War and Pax #3 and then Barbalien #5 came out which Conor was reading. It wasn’t the best week of comics overall though.

  2. Low did finally finish and it’s I think one of my favorite thing Remender has done. It was handicapped by it’s hiatuses though. Also it’s a real heavy book but I do love it’s ultimate message.

    • I think the time frame problem was a real thing. I was lost every time I tried to pick it up.

    • I always had to go back and flip through the back issues to remind myself of where we left off. Reminds me of reading Planetary in issues. Same situation with the drawn out release schedule and heavy story with unforgiving recap structure in the issue.

      This reminds me of the Stan Lee mantra and why it’s valuable even to us vets “Every comic is someone’s first.” I wish that editorial boxes never fell out of favor. I understand why they did, but they were so helpful. Obviously this is an issue that disappears in the compilation format but a book has to make it that far first.

  3. Justice League Odyssey by Dan Abnett was a recent series that featured Darkseid
    and it was excellent.
    Completely slept on by iFanboy.

    • That series along with Justice League Dark were so much better than Snyder’s Justice League run. I did really like Odyssey and then eventually fell off after Abnett took over. There wasn’t as big a drop in quality with Abnett taking over compared to Ram V taking over for James Tynion on JL Dark.

  4. You both did really like the Doctor Doom story that Christopher Cantwell wrote and that Salvador Larocca drew. I strongly disagree with Josh when it comes to Alien 3 and I hate that movie. The opening put such a sour taste in my mouth and I didn’t care about any of the prisoners getting killed. The original Dark Horse comics in black and white with Hicks that were set after Aliens were so much better. Then to make it in continuity when they were colored, they changed the names. I’m glad there was the Essential Collection put out by Dark Horse in color with it being back to Hicks.

  5. As a former film projectionist at both a commercial multiplex and educational IMAX theaters long long ago, I could reminisce for weeks about the good ol analog days of yore, but I will practice restraint and only mention this:

    The loop that a projectionist makes above and below the gate plate / lens housing is called a Latham Loop and the purpose is also to steady the image on the screen (so the film clicks through one frame at a time) as well as provide slack when stopping and starting the projector.

    Sprocket holes wear out over time (get warped and larger) allowing slack in the strip which can result in a film hopping off its sprocket roller and scratching, snapping and tearing the film to bits. The main reason for burning a film though is from the motor stopping while the bulb is on (without shutting the damper). Less than a second and poof. The bulbs are xenon under such a crazy pressure/vacuum that you used to have to don like a padded lead bomb-disposal unit type vest and face shield to change them.

    I could go on but you could just Google and learn more than I can remember…people are pretty obsolete nowadays.
    And it’s time to head back to comic shop and pick this issue up…

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