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Pick of the Week #771 – Wonder Woman #770

Show Notes

This week, Josh Flanagan comes to the aid of Bibbo Bibbokowski and Conor Kilpatrick creates a new genre.

Running Time: 01:06:18

Pick of the Week:
00:02:46 – Wonder Woman #770

00:10:32 – Superman #29
00:17:02 – Batman: Urban Legends #1
00:20:51 – Rorschach #6
00:27:22 – The Amazing Spider-Man #61
00:29:26 – Non-Stop Spider-Man #1
00:33:19 – Eternals #3
00:34:42 – Thor & Loki: Double Trouble #1

Star Wars Corner:
00:37:18 – Star Wars #12

Patron Pick:
00:40:41 – Karmen #1

Patron Thanks:
00:47:38 – Nick Nemphos
00:48:39 – Francisco Jauregui
00:49:31 – Heiko Kruczynski
00:50:16 – Matt Riutta

Listener Mail:
00:52:49 – Zach C. from Texas asks about secret identities.

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“Feel It Still”
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  1. Cheers for another terrific episode. I was excited to get Non-Stop Spider-Man, but boy, was it wordy. I was also tripped up by the dropping of names of people to whom we’ve not been introduced, and the flashbacks killed whatever momentum there was. It might have been better to start from a point of no forward momentum then build and build – get the exposition out of the way first, then move forward, faster and ever faster. Also, Chris Bachalo has many strengths, but his Peter Parker is spectacularly ugly.

    It’s also an ‘Amen’ from me as regards the criticisms of the back-up, that was no Zemo, that was a WB sidekick. And ‘yea’ so far as the hip dialogue goes – I’m a middle-aged British git, that payoff line, ‘And they have drip’? What? I looked it up and apparently ‘drip’ = ‘style’ but even that doesn’t give us a killer pay-off.

    As for the regular Spidey book, it was OK but I couldn’t get over how off-model the great Patrick Gleason’s Peter and JJJ are.

  2. “Drip?” Doesn’t Zemo just want a good cup of coffee?

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