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Pick of the Week #769 – Two Moons #1

Show Notes

With Josh Flanagan nowhere to be found, Dr. Ryan Haupt (on the wrong mic setting) of Science… Sort Of and former Pick of the Week host Paul Montgomery step into his sizable show shoes to go long talking about a monster week of comics, many of which featured monsters.

Running Time: 01:11:57

Pick of the Week:
00:01:36 – Two Moons #1

00:11:04 – Captain Marvel #26
00:17:55 – Crossover #4
00:25:35 – Future State: House of El #1
00:32:15 – Batman Black & White #3
00:40:20 – King in Black: Return of the Valkyries #3
00:44:48 – Serial #2
00:45:59 – Red Sonja #24
00:48:08 – Something is Killing the Children #15

Patron Pick:
00:51:48 – By The Horns #1

Patron Thanks:
01:00:45 – Tell That To Culture Club
01:02:43 – James Kurtz
01:04:33 – Ken Ochalek

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“New Blue Moon”
The Traveling Wilburys


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  1. In my head there was a record scratch. Wait whales had hooves? Were they as big then as modern whales? This all sounds terrifying.

    • GREAT QUESTION! No, they weren’t that big. They sort of functioned like mammalian crocodiles (living at the waters edge, swimming sometimes, snapping food opportunistically in elongated jaws) and were about that size, which is still big but not whale big. They didn’t get big big until they got into the water where gravity is less of a factor. They didn’t get insanely big until one group of whales evolved a baleen for filter feeding. Filter feeding essentially allowed them to cheat the food chain by feeding from the bottom of the food web where there is just literally more biomass for them to take advantage of. It was unlocking that particular life hack that allowed them to become the largest animals to ever have evolved on planet earth. Literally nothing has ever been as big as a blue whale, we live in a time of giants, and I love it.

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