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Pick of the Week #763 – King in Black: Thunderbolts #1

Show Notes

Our second week back and… what the hell is going on? Did everyone decide to stop publishing comics? Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick make the best of it, with only the briefest of diversions into Star Wars, by trying out a few new books.

Running Time: 01:03:21

Pick of the Week:
00:01:22 – King in Black: Thunderbolts #1

00:11:15 – Marauders #7
00:15:50 – The Time Traveler’s Guide to Dating #1
00:21:54 – The Union #2
00:29:08 – Serial #1
00:31:37 – Future State: Dark Detective #1
00:37:47 – Big Girls #6

Patron Pick:
00:39:08 – Haha #1

Patron Thanks:
00:48:17 – Dan Cox
00:50:16 – Raj Patel

Audience Questions:
00:50:53 – Joe from Indiana has a question for Josh about Thunderbolts. Timely!
00:53:24 – Ken J. from the Great White North asks a really fun question about favorite creative teams.

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“You Love the Thunder”
Jackson Browne


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  1. Yes Conor now I have “Cerritos. Auto. Square.” radio spot jingle lodged in my brain on a Rain Man repeat. Thanks to my aged addled brain it’s slowly morphing into an O’Reilly Auto Parts- Cerritos Auto Square mash up. At least you didn’t start me on a Keeys on Van Nuys loop because those have broken lesser men.

    HaHa story seems in the “Cotton Candy Autopsy” arena from “Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children” of the DC/Piranha Press comics from my youth. An Ur dark clown story for interested parties. Issues #1 & #13. c.1989.

    will it ever rain?

  2. King in Black seems like Blackest Night but swap Black Lantern Rings with Symbiotes?

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