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Pick of the Week #762 – Injustice: Year Zero #14

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We make change. That’s what we do. Or we wish it was. Comics might not have delivered, but boy oh boy was it fun to get back to the microphone and talk comics. And old comedy sketches. Conor and Josh return from their break ready to go, and went way over time. Is it worth your time? That’s for you to decide.

A lot of people don’t realize that change is a two-way street. You can come in with sixteen quarters, eight dimes, and four nickels – we can give you a five-dollar bill. Or we can give you five singles. Or two singles, eight quarters, and ten dimes. You’d be amazed at the variety of the options you have.

Running Time: 01:22:28

Pick of the Week:
00:01:10 – Injustice: Year Zero #14

00:12:01 – Iron Man #5
00:16:26 – Crossover #3
00:18:47 – Eternals #1
00:23:25 – Getting It Together #4
00:34:53 – Dark Nights: Death Metal #7
00:37:28 – Generations Shattered #1
00:40:35 – Future State (The Flash #1, Harley Quinn #1, The Next Batman #1, Superman of Metropolis #1, Swamp Things #1, Wonder Woman #1)

Patron Pick/Star Wars Corner:
00:53:59 – Star Wars: The High Republic #1

Patron Thanks:
01:06:01 – John Van Atta
01:07:01 – Michael Searles

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“The Boys Are Back”
Dropkick Murphys


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  1. I really wanted to like this Iron Man.
    I think it showed a lot of promise.
    I was really into Cantwell’s Doom
    But this episode, I mean I actually put it down half through bc I was just so bored/ tired of the writing for effect obviousness.
    I mean 6 panels for Tonry Stark drinking water? That’s a movie scene that’s tv show writing and it’s character moments but the type that do not translate for comics. A movie script- sure that’s some Unusual Suspects stuff.
    The whole rag tag group trope this was all that’s all that’s available. Bullsh*t.
    I mean in a universe of 20,000 super heroes- Frogman?
    It wouldn’t happen, not only that it would just be a liability the Only reason it’s
    done is to say- See how cheeky I am?? Do you- do you see what I did there?
    That kind of thing just ejects me right out of the story.
    This Tony Stark is like having a sad sack- low confidence drunk Tony Stark- but without the booze.

  2. I always find it very strange when people criticize the death of Chewie in Vector Prime, but then praise The Force Awakens with the truly awful Han death. It just comes off as hypocritical to me where you want it both ways. The Han death with its execution is so much more egregious especially with Luke and Leia not being there and the shiny new stormtrooper suits aren’t great. I know what is meant by the dirty world though. Doctor Aphra was a fun series, but ultimately made Vader look like an idiot who was out smarted and didn’t know she survived in the Vader run by Guillen. That’s not good at all.

    I thought that the High Republic #1 was fine and at least it was a new era not done before. Since Disney bought Star Wars, literally everything put out in books and comics has been related to the OT, PT, and ST. That stinks where it’s boring and uncreative. Charles Soule wrote the first High Republic novel with more on the way. The Acolyte show that was announced will also be set during the era from a Sith’s perspective. The Knights of the Old Republic games were great and the title is taken from the first arc of Tales of the Jedi. The KOTOR comic was great too. The Old Republic cinematically are fantastic and have better stories than almost everything put out the last 5 years honestly.


    • *The Old Republic cinematics, not cinematically. I still say by far the best Star Wars comic run under Marvel these last 5 years is the Charles Soule Vader run even with the ridiculous plot of the first 5 issues.

  3. The reappearance of Conor the Star Wars fundamentalist. I really enjoy the varied perspectives with regard to that franchise.

  4. Holy wow Josh you didn’t so much give me a power as reveal my secret identity. In college I was very good at making it seem like I did the required reading.

  5. Josh-
    Could stories about needless violence being ended by more violence ever be escapist entertainment from the events currently at hand? Perhaps. But probably other types of stories certainly seem like they would make for an easier escape.

    Plus one to your Star Wars curmudgeonliness. They keep over saturating us with content but somehow seem to keep making the world seem smaller. Although, I do say in concept Lucas’ idea of more prosperous times under the Jedi / Old Republic rule leading to cleaner life and aesthetics is interesting, just not well executed…Wait did I just complement something about the prequels? Maybe, There is good in me…

  6. Are the guys not reading Firepower? Lots of good books this week, sad you both didn’t think so. I often wonder how much enjoyment you can really get when it must feel like a job.

    • Also wondering why continue to give the spoiler warning and then not spoil the books? I don’t read everything but enjoy listening to you guys discuss storylines of books I’m not reading. I understood back in the day with something like Walking Dead when tons of people were reading in trades, but no one is reading Marvel books that way.

    • I read FIREPOWER. It’s a solid book with almost nothing to say about it other than “that was fun and the art was great.” I am thinking about switching to trades — I think Kirkman reads better that way. The issues can feel thin.

      As for spoilers — the conversation goes where the conversation goes.

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