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Pick of the Week #758 – Captain America #25

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Let’s go on a ramble, Steve. We have a lot of Steves. We have a bone to pick with an old co-worker and we have some fine comics, featuring a bit of presidential martial arts. Is this any good? It might be. The thing is, we don’t know.

Running Time: 01:21:17

Pick of the Week:
00:02:11 – Captain America #25

00:13:35 – Rorschach #2
00:20:30 – Marvel Voices: Indigenous Voices #1
00:25:20 – Avengers: Marvels Snapshot #1
00:34:38 – Sea of Sorrows #1
00:37:56 – Dark Nights: Death Metal #5
00:41:27 – The Devil’s Red Bride #2
00:42:38 – DIE!DIE!DIE! #13

Patron Pick:
00:46:13 – Barbalien: Red Planet #1

Patron Thanks:
00:52:06 – Steven Bagatourian
00:55:58 – Steven Petrivelli

Audience Questions:
01:03:33 – Greg wants to know if comic writers read a lot of comics.
01:07:32 – Chris would like to lodge a formal complaint about our recommendations.

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  1. Frankly shocked that Josh liked the Marvel Snapshot this week. This, to me, was absolutely brutal, and very difficult for me to get through. The art was horrific.

  2. That was a saturation of Steves! I dare yah! to try that again. I double dare yah!

  3. Tom went on 11 O’Clock Comics while they were discussing #1, and he said he considers his book and the TV show to be in the same continuity. He even had discussions with Lindeloff about this (Redford was president, Keane, Jr. was in both).

    • He said it before the first issue came out when he did a panel with Lindelof in August and then tweeted again after issue 1 that it does take place after the show.

  4. I don’t think the Barbalien story would be questionable for most readers. And for anyone who did find it jarring in any way, it would not have been if they read the primary (and now finished) Black Hammer series. Barbalien was one of the main character of Black Hammer from the beginning. He had one of the best arcs of a cast that were all well developed and endearing. I’m really looking forward to getting this additional backstory for the character.

    I also agree with the comment above regarding the Avengers Marvels Snapshot. I found it incredibly difficult to get through and received no joy in reading it. Very surprising as ifanboy was the only place I saw any positive feedback about it online after I read it myself.

    • Yeah, anyone can read it and getting more of his backstory is great for the people who are caught up on Black Hammer. It’s not like he was a new character.

  5. I feel like Josh was reaching quite a bit with Barbalien as far as questioning some of the content in that type of comic. Anyone who knows the character wouldn’t question it honestly and it makes sense with learning more about what happened. The one Black Hammer comic that is for Josh is Doctor Star and the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows where Conor recommended it to Josh after issue 2 came out over 2 years ago. That mini-series is great and I have no idea if Josh ever read it.

    I know Amazing Spider-Man wasn’t covered, but I love the current arc from 50 on where it doesn’t have to be fun. Most of the Spencer run was fun, but not memorable. These last 2 arcs feel like they have real stakes and being fun just isn’t good enough for me. That was my problem with War of the Realms where it was fun, but had no emotional depth until the last issue. I know Conor and Josh loved that event, but I prefer that emotional depth where I feel like things matter in comics since Spencer’s run was so dragged out with delaying using Kindred. This last issue of Amazing Spider-Man had a lot of deep cuts and was very well done.

  6. if 1 is awful…

  7. So I feel like Coates has been struggling for about 3 years to figure out the comic book writing genre.
    Well- congratulations to him- building up a character to only ‘kill’ them as a way of finding weight for a story is classic comic book trope (hack)

    • I did really like his Black Panther with the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda run until it just felt like it wouldn’t end so I fell off. I gave up on his Captain American run fairly quickly honestly and haven’t been that impressed with his comic work other than part of his recent Black Panther run.

    • You know- you’re right the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda was interesting and felt like a fresh idea but as you said seemed to go on too long. Credit to Coates for that idea.

    • Yeah, it felt like Coates got it finally with writing comics with that new concept of Black Panther and it had great art. It then wouldn’t end where I just lost interest and it still is going on as of issue 22. I feel like it should have wrapped up by now where Daniel Acuna didn’t even draw all of issue 22. I thought it would go for around 12 to 15 issues, but not 22 issues.

  8. Yes it is good. And when you go on tangents at the end of the episode like that I usually enjoy your banter back and forth quite a bit. So no I didn’t check out. And I always listen to the end.

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