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Pick of the Week #757 – Scarenthood #1

Show Notes

Come stare in the abyss…. together. Josh branches out, and it brings him great joy. There’s a not inconsequential conversation on how old Batman is, or how old he should be, and why it doesn’t make sense, or doesn’t matter. Then there’s The Sims, barbecue, and video editing preferences. But we still manage to talk about comics too.

Running Time: 01:18:07

Pick of the Week:
00:01:45 – Scarenthood #1

00:11:58 – Superman: Man of Tomorrow #19
00:16:51 – Resident Alien: Your Ride’s Here #1
00:21:30 – Detective Comics #1030
00:33:09 – Dungeons and Dragons: At the Spine of the World #1
00:36:49 – Hawkman #29
00:38:51 – Bill and Ted Are Doomed #3
00:40:45 – The Amazing Spider-Man #52

Patron Pick:
00:44:36 – Taskmaster #1

Patron Thanks:
00:51:53 – Jonathan Sturm
00:53:44 – Stephen AM

Audience Questions:
00:55:59 – Aaron has questions bridging disparate topics, but we’re here for it, and we talk about our relative influence and the mafia.

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  1. Nick Roche is Irish I think. Enjoyed the episode, am catching up after a 6 month internet sabbatical.

  2. re: “this guy Bilquis Everly.” She was the main artist for the 20-issue (2018-2020) series The Dreaming. Simon Spurrier wrote it just before he did the Hellblazer series you guys like. I’m not a big Sandman guy, but that was my favorite series while it existed. Everly’s a gem.

    I was in the “one disastrous D&D game” club until I got reintroduced to it a year or so ago by a group of friends. In our 2nd campaign at the moment. I’m an arrogant eggheaded dwarf archaeologist-academic, using David Lynch’s Gordon Cole as my character voice. Now in my 40’s, it’s one of the highlights of my week.

    • And Bilqus Evely drew the excellent Sugar & Spike serial, written by Keith Giffen, for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow anthology. It’s huge fun, and collected as a cheap trade.

  3. I hasten to say, getting it out quickly before interruption:

    George Perez was working at Marvel on the Avengers in May 1980 when he created Taskmaster.
    George Perez left Marvel to work at DC comics on New Teen Titans in December 1980 creating Deathstroke.

    (disclaimer: cover dates, actual creation times were earlier, also ignoring any writer contributions)

    p.s. The Superman: Man of Tomorrow art has a Sanford Greene Powerman & Iron Fist feel. Enjoyable. Thanks for the tip.

  4. I LITERALLY watched the American’s episode with the body in the suitcase episode only a few hours after listening to this episode (kismet?). I thought of Josh after every snap, crackle, and pop!

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