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Pick of the Week #752 – DCeased: Dead Planet #4

Show Notes

There were so many books to talk about this week that the show went long and book talk crowded out almost everything else. But fear not! There was still time to ponder the magic of the cast of Wings, delve into Josh Flanagan’s weird dressing habits, and learn more about the iFanboy office layout.

Running Time: 01:12:00

Pick of the Week:
00:02:06 – DCeased: Dead Planet #4

00:13:06 – DCeased: Hope at World’s End #11
00:19:06 – Thor #8
00:23:58 – Getting It Together #1
00:30:13 – American Ronin #1
00:41:32 – Batman #100
00:44:16 – Spy Island #2
00:45:27 – Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology #1
00:48:03 – The Amazing Spider-Man #49 / 850
00:52:09 – Spider-Man: Marvel’s Snapshot #1
00:54:06 – Locke & Key: …In Pale Battalions Go… #2

Patron Pick:
00:55:35 – American Vampire 1976 #1

Patron Thanks:
01:03:05 – Mark Driscoll
01:04:40 – CPH

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  1. Josh mentioning that he would like to see Tom Taylor on a bigger book like Superman is interesting because Tom Taylor has pushed for it for years on Twitter. He has stated many times that Superman is his favorite character and wants a shot. Put Tom Taylor with Doc Shaner on Superman after Bendis leaves and just let them go. Doc Shaner said his favorite character is also Superman. I am expecting to see Mark Waid get Superman with his return to DC. I would put Tom Taylor on Superman and then put Waid on Action Comics or doing it vice versa works too. I love this moment in Injustice where it’s the flashback issue which is Injustice Year One Chapter 30 as a classic Superman story. It felt like a response to Man of Steel at the time which came out 2 months earlier. I do believe Tom Taylor when he said he had the sequel in mind when writing the original DCeased mini-series where he understands the DC universe and characters so well.


  2. Conor was sort of on the right track with Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology. There was a novel that Neil Gaiman wrote called Norse Mythology and it came out 3 years ago. This comic is an adaptation of that novel where I could see P. Craig Russell do more of the heavily lifting with the writing for the comic since he is listed as a co-writer.

  3. So I had not been reading DCeased because I saw the premise and figured I’d give it a pass, but each time you guys talk about it I think to myself I really should be reading it. Then the realization that its a big event with stakes really sold me this episode. The big events seem lame mostly because you don’t believe they have stakes equivalent to their scope. DCeased looks like it does so I’m am sold. I’m gonna go back and read it all.

    I think I’m coming to the realization that some of my favorite stories were the ones that were out of continuity or at least started as out of continuity. I use to love reading “What If” for example mostly because you were never certain where it was gonna go and how off the rails the writer wanted to take things. Maybe this continuity thing is overrated 🙂

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