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Pick of the Week #750 – Dark Nights: Death Metal – Speed Metal #1

Show Notes

iFanboy celebrates its 750th episode with a triple-sized all listener e-mail spectacular! Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick asked you, the iFanbase, to send them e-mails… and you delivered!

Running Time: 03:08:25

Pick of the Week:
00:04:25 – Dark Nights: Death Metal – Speed Metal #1

Patron Pick:
00:14:36 – X of Swords: Creation #1

00:25:19 – Shazam! #15

Audience Questions:
00:27:15 – The tradition continues as we field questions from the loyal iFanbase for nearly 3 hours! Listen as this iFanboy duo slowly falls apart, talking comics and ephemera to the very bitter end.

  • Nick P. from Newport Beach, CA but Living in Luxembourg asks if, after going fully digital with single issues, the iFanboys still buy collections and trade paperbacks.
  • Scott H. from Portland, OR wants to know the best media recommendations the iFanboys have given each other over the years.
  • Rashaad B. has a theory about how the mutants will enter the MCU.
  • Davin P. is looking for an explanation of the job roles of the various editorial staffers.
  • Jon L. thinks that services like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are ushering in a new era of comics akin to the launch of Image Comics.
  • Greg M. wants to know how the iFanboys would fill the roles in an Ocean’s Eleven-style casino heist.
  • Adrian Z. wonders if Jean Grey can use a smart phone with her powers.
  • Pete F. from San Diego, CA wonders why so many protagonists of great stories are assholes.
  • Daniel C. from Texas still buys music instead of streaming it.
  • Roh P. from Calgary, Alberta, Canada wants to know if there have been any regrettable Picks of the Week over the past 15 years and if the iFanboys are still reading the Patron Picks that they said they were sticking with.
  • Evan M. wants to know everyone’s favorite Batman villain and their definitive stories.
  • Andrew M. from California asks iFanboy to chose the definitive writer and artist to define the past ten years at DC and at Marvel.
  • Aaron S. from North Carolina misses when Darryl would stalk the streets of New York.
  • Alex T. asks about Batman and Tom King.
  • Robert B. has a question about the opening animation of the old video show.
  • Brian C. from Cleveland, OH wants to know if the iFanboys miss having a collection of comics.
  • Dan C. from Madison, NJ thinks that binge watching culture will change the way that kids in the future will read comics.
  • CJ wants to know the favorite era of iFanboy and then asks about barbecue which causes a spiral.
  • Lance wants to know what it was like being a part of Revision3.
  • Jorge L. in the chat room asks who the original comic book podcasters were.
  • Chris from the iFanboy Data Analytics Department presents his annual report on Patron Powers.
  • Jimmy S. from New Jersey thinks that there is an over saturation of the nine panel grid.
  • Kenneth J. makes the iFanboys compliment each other.
  • Kendall H. doesn’t understand how the iFanboys can remember what happened in books from decades ago.
  • Brice wants to know which Nightwing costume was the best Nightwing costume.
  • Emlyn W. from Wales, UK wants to know if it is worth picking up the Doomsday Clock collection.
  • Ron H. from Yorkshire, England, UK wants to introduce his seven year old son who has a short attention span to superheroes.
  • Tom M. from Clifton, TN (and the host of The Good, The Bad, and the Nerdy Movie Podcast) wants to know the worst third movie in a series.
  • John V. from Brooklyn, NY thinks that the time around 2000 was the all-time best time for adult comic book readers of the Big Two.
  • Eric C. thinks that convoluted storytelling is the reason why the era of superhero films has not lead to an increase in comic book sales.
  • Ryan M. from Cincinnati, OH calls out the iFanboy Animated Braintrust.
  • Jonathan E. wants to know if the iFanboys miss the three person format.
  • Derek A. thinks that Batman has been smiling more lately.
  • Django B. from Bellingham, WA wants to know if the iFanboys prefer when comics use real U.S. presidents, or invented U.S. presidents.
  • Justin V. wants to know which of Garth Ennis’ war comics of the last 15-20 years are worth reading.
  • Milan V. from Cleveland, OH wants to know what happened to Malibu Comics and Milestone Comics after they were absorbed by the Big Two.
  • Socrates A. thinks that Rob Liefeld should become the new public face of comics now that Stan Lee has passed.
  • Jeff L. wants to know the iFanboys favorite comic book adaptation in other media.
  • Bryan R. is about to move across the country and wonders if this is the time to switch to digital.
  • Jimski wants to know who the guy’s favorite iFanboy writer was from the website days.

Patron Thanks:
01:49:06 – Larry Davis
01:49:51 – Brandon De Pillis

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  1. I’m enjoying the show, congratulations and thanks for all the entertainment. If not all the fish.

    Conor mentioned that the only female to write in was ‘Emlyn W’. If I heard that correctly, that’s a chap’s name, apparently meaning ‘around the valley’. Famous Emlyns over here in the UK include footballer Emlyn Hughes and playwright Emlyn Williams.

  2. Josh will hate this answer, but the definitive Marvel writer of the 2010’s is Hickman. Wrote the three great teams (FF, Avengers, X-Men), all three critically acclaimed, had major impact on the non-comics side (Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD, created the Black Order), wrote one of the biggest events of the decade (Secret Wars) which essentially rebooted the Marvel U (not quite like a Crisis at DC but was universe-spanning). No one else had anywhere close to that impact over the last 10 years.

    • Having an impact and having a meaningful impact aren’t necessarily the same thing.
      Secret Wars was an ego driven ‘creative’ masturbation that lead nowhere. Having it’s actual resolution occur off camera.
      Reducing ALL of the Marvel universe to meaningless nothing. When you take apart every single entity of power in the universe and just leave it- how is that good story telling.
      The FF run was the most A-Z tight and coherent run I have read from Hickman. To me it was solid but not amazing.
      The X-Men- Almost none of the characters have a singular voice and the ones that do almost entirely do not resemble their personalities at alll, there is No moral center to the X-Men, nothing inspirational. That Is there core component.
      It’s F*ck Island with a ton of info graphics.
      The X-Men were heroes who fought to save people the feared and hated them. That was heroic, that was interesting.
      What is this?
      And just quit it with this 1 of 22 horse sh*t It’s not Powers of EX it’s Powers of 10 – Get it?
      Get it?
      You ever get the feeling that Hickman really loves to hear himself talk?

    • A lot of people did not like Bendis’ “talking heads” style of storytelling, but no one can deny he strongly influenced 2000’s Marvel. Similarly, many people don’t like Stan, either because of writing style or how he hogged the limelight, but his influence on Marvel is undeniable. So it is with Hickman; not liking his style doesn’t change his influence. I will admit that he does tell the same kinds of stories – you can see elements of his Image minis in X-men, and his character designs are repetitive (if you look at all his books, indie and Marvel, there are characters you would swear are somehow related because they are chalk white or obsidian black) – but a company doesn’t keep handing someone the keys to the kingdom if that person’s work doesn’t consistently blow the Powers That Be away and gets eyes on books.

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