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Pick of the Week #749 – Iron Man #1

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A strong week of comics makes the choosing hard, but it means there are lots of books to talk about. Also… some diversions. For example, there’s no reason to talk about Almost Famous, other than that one title. And then there’s definitely no reason to share Dick Clark stories, but life finds a way.

Running Time: 01:04:45

Pick of the Week:
00:02:16 – Iron Man #1

00:12:06 – Billionaire Island #6
00:17:04 – X-Men: Marvels Snapshot #1
00:21:24 – Thor #7
00:26:31 – Detective Comics #1027
00:34:56 – Captain America #23
00:37:19 – Batman: The Adventures Continue #12
00:40:06 – Batman #99
00:41:38 – Heavy #1

Patron Pick:
00:51:09 – Stillwater #1

Patron Thanks:
00:57:34 – Paul Wachter
00:58:47 – Brad Briley

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“Jerry Was a Race Car Driver”


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  1. At this point Tony going back to the classic armor after a crisis is almost common a cliche as Bruce watching the pearls hit the ground in the alley.
    And I can tell you one thing for certain –
    A Dodge Aspen isn’t a car anyone picks for anything and there is no real ‘suped up’ version of it.
    I’m a car guy and the first quarter of the book was getting a bit too much for me.
    Event the R/T ‘performance’ version of that car was this- 360 R/T turned in a standing quarter mile at 17.4 seconds at a speed of 86.1 miles per hour (138.6 km/h).[8] The R/T made a 60 to 95 mph (97 to 153 km/h) run in 13.8 seconds
    The writer spends how many pages writing an issue of MotorTrend and then picks one of the worst cars made for Tony’s chance at the Fast and the Furious?
    So much of this issue was half there- we’ve seen it before and this version just didn’t add up.
    I get that it’s supposed to give people those feels but I am not very encouraged.

  2. I don’t have the issue with the violence in The Adventures Continue and it reminded me of Two-Face beating up Dick in Robin: Year One as far as actually showing the violence perpetrated against a kid. In the animated series universe, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker did happen where what happened to Tim in the flashback is pretty brutal. It’s not that I don’t need that violence in that universe, but I just don’t believe it happened with the timeline that was established. I know Conor had that issue with Mask of the Phantasm as far as the importance of Andrea Beaumont where I strongly disagree in that case, however, I don’t buy into the idea that this occurred during the show. A pretty dark event was also referenced earlier in this series with Nora being dead which was unexpected for me. A problem with this series is that it was created to piggy back off of a toy line made earlier this year which unfortunately includes the Batman Who Laughs. Paul Dini teased that the character will appear in an interview which I don’t want at all. In my head canon, I just don’t think these events really happened when it comes to Jason Todd existing in the animated universe.

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