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Pick of the Week #741 – Usagi Yojimbo #10

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Listen… it was not a great week of comics. It wasn’t outright bad, but there are quibbles, there are sticking points, there are moments that didn’t lead to full fledged joy. How many times will Josh add a superfluous “you knows” while searching for the words his haggard mind needs? (A: You’ll never know, because of the assiduous editing of the program.) Then it all comes together in the end.

Running Time: 01:04:35

Pick of the Week:
00:01:20 – Usagi Yojimbo #10

00:10:57 – Empyre #2
00:14:04 – X-Men/Fantastic Four #4
00:18:04 – Batman #95
00:22:47 – Middlewest #18
00:28:47 – Billionaire Island #3
00:32:04 – Daredevil #21
00:36:09 – Action Comics #1023

Patron Pick:
00:39:08 – Chu #1

Patron Thanks:
00:47:37 – Nathaniel Booth
00:49:42 – Justin Cresswell

Audience Questions:
00:52:36 – Rashaad B. has a great idea for a TV show that will never happen.

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  1. Man- that Audible commercial was- LOUD.
    I feel Conor’s malaise with de-construciton.
    This has been happening for some time
    Charles Soule- Tom King – Bendis are all more interested in making an impact and having their voice heard than serving the characters.
    It’s a tired formula to beat up a character so bad they no longer resemble who they are.
    Hearing a writers voice first and character second works great for original characters but the job at the big two should be serving the character first and the writer’s needs second.
    Personally- I want complexity in a character and I want to take chances and it can be a fine line.
    But I don’t want an emo- Ptsd Batman
    I don’t want Superman revealing his secret identity as a stun to shock readers when it makes NO sense.
    I know Daredevil is a lawyer and sure maybe that has been a neglected aspect I don’t want 4 years of Law and Order Daredevil.
    The reason we are all enamored with Tom Taylor right now and the reason we go back to Dan Juergens is b/c they work for the characters, they know the job. They don’t always need to tear something down to build it up.

    Toasting technology for example is something that uplifts all mankind.

    • I wouldn’t include Daredevil in that honestly with Charles Soule and now Chip Zdarsky since he typically gets beaten down as a character which is why the Waid run was so different with a smiling and happy Daredevil. I don’t know anyone who goes back to Dan Jurgens right now with his Batman Beyond run which doesn’t serve those characters well along with the current Nightwing run. Tom King has served characters well and his maxi-series are typically really good. No one was doing anything with Mister Miracle and Adam Strange. It’s just Heroes in Crisis which was awful and the second half of his Batman run was mostly bad.

      Bendis did great work with Batman Universe even compared to a bad Superman run where he admitted he wanted to shake things up. It’s like Superman: Up in the Sky being really good compared to the second half of the King Batman run. Tom Taylor just teased an Injustice story today which is exciting news and he gets the DC characters very well.

    • I would also add that Soule’s She-Hulk run was a ton of fun which was a courtroom drama at times and it helped that Soule is a lawyer, but that was 6 years ago. His Daredevil run was pretty up and down where I did really like the Mayor Fisk storyline and the issue 600. That was two years ago though.

  2. I still struggle with the current Batman run and the problem is that Tynion thought he would be gone after 100 to make way for 5G with someone new writing Luke Fox. It’s why he told his big Joker story since he probably thought he wouldn’t get another chance and now he is at least on 101. As I said before, Tynion said he was getting back to basics with Batman as a horror comic and then it was the Designer saga followed by Joker War where it comes across as lying. It just feels exhausting especially after King’s run and I would like a regular Scarecrow story that Snyder claims he could do in his sleep. I still don’t believe Snyder can do that with his JL run and Metal nonsense. I am not a big fan of Detective and just find it to be bland. I would like a break on big epic sagas for characters.

  3. My opinion is if there was ever a time for the proposed show it would be now. The audience is sort of primed for a Mad Men like Marvel story. It’s long enough from the end of Mad Men but not so long that people forgot about that show and we are still at the crest of the MCU’s presence in pop culture. If they follow the beats of Marvel Comics The Untold Story then it’s guaranteed to be entertaining considering all the drama described in that book.

    Though I agree with the guys that Marvel probably doesn’t want to put it’s worst foot forward from a PR perspective and a show like that will want to highlight the drama between Stan and Jack or Stan and Steve etc. Also I agree that era really should be the focus since I think that’s the heart of the tale.

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