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Pick of the Week #739 – DCeased: Dead Planet #1

Show Notes

And lo there was a great stack of comics, and we read them, and they were good. Then we went and picked a book we’ve talked about 1000 times. It was a great week for comics by any measure, and that always makes for a good show. Plus… so much underwear talk. It’s a disarmingly enthusiastic show.

Running Time: 01:13:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:15 – DCeased: Dead Planet #1

00:11:56 – Strange Academy #2
00:19:08 – Lois Lane #12
00:25:28 – Adventureman #2
00:35:35 – Marvels X #1
00:39:16 – Dr. Strange #5
00:41:11 – Money Shot #6
00:45:07 – Superman #23

Patron Pick:
00:49:51 – Empyre #0: Fantastic Four

Patron Thanks:
00:55:17 – Cassie Dalzell
00:56:37 – Mario Miranda

Audience Questions:
01:00:01 – Sean from NYC noticed that Brian K. Vaughan saw all this coming.

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“Lifeless Dead”
Mad Season


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  1. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t feel like there are many detractors when it comes to DCeased compared to you two praising the Bendis Superman run. Tom Taylor said he had the sequel in mind when he was doing the first one where I believe him. People have been clamoring for Tom Taylor to do a Green Arrow and Black Canary comic for years since Injustice with Year One. He really understands those characters. Josh said what a lot of people have said since Injustice where Tom Taylor writes the best versions of these characters and it feels like it could just be be the current canon of DC even as an Elseworlds story.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again where Injustice was better than the Johns Justice League run as it came out since that Justice League run didn’t really click until Throne of Atlantis. With Bendis leaving Superman in the near future, I would like to see Tom Taylor get a shot since he has stated that Superman is his favorite character. I am looking forward to his Constantine mini-series with Darick Robertson on art. He said he has another DC announcement in a few weeks.

  2. I know you didn’t cover it, but one run that I will admit to having a negative bias against since I expected it to be a short run is Tynion’s Batman. With 5G in flux, at least Tynion gets to be on it until at least 101 with the new solicits and I have had a hard time enjoying it since I thought he would be off it after 100 with Luke Fox becoming the new Batman. Tynion stated that his run would be a horror comic and back to basics, but it has been essentially two big arcs and really one once the Designer reveal happened. That has also affected my perception of it. I know that Tynion wanted to tell his big Joker story since 5G was looming, but I found his run exhausting after the long epic that was King’s run. Since he will make it to 101, I might reread it where I can better separate myself. Now I completely dropped off Detective Comics and wasn’t impressed with it.

    • I made this comment before Conor mentioned it briefly during the Superman discussion and I also have that problem with Joker casually saying Bruce.

  3. Pick DCEased as many times as you want just- Read Injustice!

  4. With Pluto Vol. 1, that is the famous manga by Urasawa, right?

  5. I need to get caught up on the whole DCeased thing. I have all of the print issues and some the digital, I just haven’t got around to reading them. I do dig the variant movie poster covers then have been doing though.

  6. I would like to give major props to whoever chose the intro/outro music for this episode. Love me some Mad Season. Layne Staley was one of the best rock/grunge band front men of all time in my humble opinion.

    • I’m pretty certain it was Josh since it was his pick. I think that is how they do it. If its your pick, you write the show script and pick the intro/outro music. I could be wrong about that.

    • @AKeith04 – The person who has the Pick definitely writes the script, but the music is the choice of the editor of the show and it’s not always the same person as the person with the Pick. Though with only two of us now it often is the same person.

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