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Pick of the Week #737 – Captain America: Marvels Snapshots #1

Show Notes

Conor and Josh, and just Conor and Josh, do a show that’s relatively normal comparatively. There were a lot of #10 issues, and some really fine books. And if you want to buy Josh a Porsche, we’ll give you a way to make that happen.

Running Time: 01:15:20

Pick of the Week:
00:01:25 – Captain America: Marvels Snapshots #1

00:11:53 – Five Years #10
00:20:40 – Green Lantern 80th Anniversary 100-Page Spectacular
00:25:06 – Empyre #0: Avengers
00:37:34 – Batman: Gotham Nights #10
00:39:37 – John Constantine: Hellblazer #10
00:42:12 – Thor #5

Patron Pick:
00:45:27 – That Texas Blood #1

Patron Thanks:
00:54:00 – Matthew Rosenhagen
00:55:42 – Jim Miller

Audience Questions:
00:57:54 – The pandemic is making Greg from New Jersey reevaluate how he feels about weekly comics.

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  1. I will acknowledge Josh’s “Boogie Nights” Buck selling in the stereo shop quote, for the sake of acknowledgement.

    Conor- where’s your LA cake spot? As an ex- fifteen year Glendalian of days long ago, Porto’s was always the cake default go-to.

    and just as I’ve now learned to let go when people say “comic book movie” when they actually mean “ super hero movie”, I now must start my journey to acceptance that when you guys say “comics” you actually mean just “ comic book store comics“ (ie. monthly comics) and ignore half of all the other comics being created out there.(book trade graphic novels, webtoons, small press, zines)…but apparently that journey begins tomorrow since I just mentioned it now…

    I’d say Jacob Phillips art is more Sean Phillips circa “My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies” light and slightly cartoony(with Jacobs art being slightly more so). Sean Phillips Art on “Kill or Be Killed“ and most “Criminal” arcs is a bit angular and blocky with dark and moody heavy inks with stiffer character poses, and only in the loose school as Jacobs art there. My guess would be that Jacob Phillips Art moves towards the more cartoony side, but only time will tell.

  2. I totally agree about the pacing of weekly book helping breed discussion and community. From a TV perspective I was so happy that Perry Mason popped up because it gave me something weekly to discuss with my friends. It takes one conversation and stretches it over multiple weeks. If they just dumped the show all at once we’d have one good conversation that probably glossed over things and then we would be on to the next thing. That’s assuming we all binged it around the same time.

    Perry Mason is fantastic BTW.

    Also nice shout out the the band Cake. Are they still around?

  3. Whoops! Got to this one late, so it’s in the “nothing matters” column of NMS;NM

    The shipping schedule meant that the Empyre #0: Fantastic Four issue didn’t come out the same week as its Avengers counterpart that we read. I suspect that it tells a similar tale but with the FF’s perspective that allows them to ally with the other side — making the reveal at the end of the issue a kind of “flip book” that leads to the same point.

    It would be a nice call-back to the original Kree-Skrull War annuals, in which the Avengers and FF issues did the same kind of parallel stories trick.

    Al Ewing is proving to be “today’s” Kurt Busiek, making deep dives into continuity etc. while making fresh takes and staying true to characters. You may have dropped of Immortal Hulk but the last issue told a retrospective of the Leader that was simply amazing.

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