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Pick of the Week #735 – Daredevil #20

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Jim Viscardi of comicbook.com joins us to talk comics and the (more interesting than it sounds) distribution shakeup in the comics industry. Josh Flanagan goes on several crankytime rants, and Conor Kilpatrick can’t let go of a certain book.

Running Time: 01:30:58

Pick of the Week:
00:02:07 – Daredevil #20

00:13:43 – The Joker 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular
00:18:01 – Nightwing #71
00:20:08 – Batman: Secret Files #3
00:27:37 – Miles Morales: Spider-Man #17
00:36:18 – The Flash #755
00:40:03 – Legion of Super-Heroes #6

Patron Pick:
00:44:44 – Adventureman #1

Patron Thanks:
00:57:08 – Trae Sanford
00:58:26 – Mark Campbell
00:59:50 – Jeffrey Penland

Comics Industry News:
01:03:55 – With DC Comics breaking ties with Diamond Distributors, there’s a lot of stuff up in the air, and Jim helps us make sense of it.

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  1. I respect the Nikki Cross reference by Josh where she was at her best in WWE as part of SAnitY (hate that spelling) in NXT. It’s impressive that she reinvented herself throughout her career from what she would do before WWE, but the Alexa Bliss team is still a bit weird. It’s certainly no Team Hell No with Bryan’s and Kane’s chemistry. It would be nice if Alexa implemented what she learned from Mike Quackenbush in matches, but that still doesn’t happen and I don’t want to go down too far with that rabbit hole.

  2. Okay, so we’ve had Mediasplodes about “Almost Famous,” tangentially about “High Fidelity,” and now “That Thing You Do.” I’m going to bet that July will cover “Empire Records,” keep the music/movie theme going.

  3. Four points:
    Seems like the number of times The Joker appears in comics per year historically is something one could determine, if one were interested in knowing if this year is an actual increase over any year prior. Or one could just have opinions based on hunches.

    First issues, with their absence of fan letters to print, have always had essays in the back of the issues. Just was re-reading a two pager essay from issue one about how DC’s “Wasteland “ came to be from editor Mike Gold circa 1987 that could fit in the back of any Image number one today.

    I forgot, did anyone read Fraction & Elsa Charretier‘s “November “? Add that to your list of Fraction 80 pages later and you have no clue what’s happening or why you should read the next volume. Beautiful art and the story telling in any given section is inventive and interesting but by the end it just makes you feel like a dum dum for not “getting it”

    I think the concern with Diamond / DC is the possible fear of a Diamond collapse if there are any additional stressors to their company. I see no evidence that Lunar or UCS could absorb the entirety of comics distribution immediately so there could be many many months of disrupted comics distribution that could see even more store closures which could lower print run demands below where it would be profitable to print periodicals. Probably not likely, but a concern.

    That may have been a few points too many in hindsight…

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