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Pick of the Week #733 – Books of Magic #19

Show Notes

Slow comics week, but that often leads to good discussions about why. Plus, we get a chance to really dig in on the issues of inkers and renumbering. Join us and Honda Lou for a jolly old time.

Running Time: 01:21:51

Pick of the Week:
00:02:01 – Books of Magic #19

00:10:16 – The Avengers #33
00:16:56 – The Butcher of Paris #5
00:25:00 – The Amazing Spider-Man #43
00:29:54 – Basketful of Heads #7

Patron Pick:
00:34:38 – Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #1

Patron Thanks:
00:45:43 – Galeus
00:46:47 – Jess Lysons

G.I. Joe Corner:
00:51:54 – “Battle on the Roof of the World” The Revenge of Cobra, Pt. 4

01:15:25 – Ken’s asking us about copyright, and he shouldn’t.

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  1. Excellent legal advice gentlemen. Always consult a legal professional.

    For those too dumb to follow that advice; a barely knowledgeable FYI:

    Pre 1998, yes, you had to register your expression of an idea with the copyright office to have any copyright protection.

    No longer, Post the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, your work has the lowest form of copyright protection at the moment of its creation. (this protects iFanboyers clever website musings from those evil hackers and thieves)

    However, it is always best to register “the expression of your idea“ (ie your comic) as not only is it relatively easy and cheap(look into a self help service such as LegalZoom) it also establishes your claim and makes you eligible for statutory damages against infringers if your lawsuit is successful, up to $150,000 per work, per infringement. Registering will also make it easier to find a lawyer as they will know that there may be a potential payout at the end.

    Summary: you are protected, but if you ever wish to gain compensation or stop a copyright infringer, you should register your comic.

    Go to copyright.gov check out their FAQ to learn more…or listen to the podcasts “This Week in Law”, or old episodes of “Barely Legal Radio“ or check out the Nolo Press book on Copyrights and Trademarks.

    After you’ve done that, you will know how dumb it was of you to read this post.

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