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Pick of the Week #731 – DC: The New Frontier, Vol. 2

Show Notes

New Frontier fawning fest continues! Then it seemed like maybe G.I. Joe had run its course, right up until they got to the Cobra Café. Also, Josh said Five Easy Pieces, but he meant The Last Detail, and that was before he left early. To be fair, we went really long again.

Running Time: 01:24:05

Pick of the Week:
00:04:09 – DC: The New Frontier, Vol. 2

00:38:13 – Batman: Gotham Nights #4

Patron Pick:
00:50:31 – Lois Lane #10

Patron Thanks:
00:57:07 – Stewart Bryson
00:58:28 – Daniel Spigarolo

G.I. Joe Corner:
00:59:28 – “The Vines of Evil” The Revenge of Cobra, Pt. 2

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  1. I really appreciate the show run down and the fact there are time stamps.
    I am very much enjoying the G.I.Joe corner but say if it I didn’t as Ron points out it’s easy to skip.
    There are comic book podcasts that I listen to that don’t use a script or include show notes/time stamps
    not to name names but it occurs about an hour before midnight.
    Even though I really like most of that show there are times when I skip ahead and skip ahead and there’s not way to know if it’s enough to avoid a spoiler or a section of the episode I don’t want to listen to. Kind of frustrating makes me appreciate the construction of this show all the more.

  2. Thanks for another episode, fellas!

    Apologies in advance to those who prefer to keep their politics separate from their sequential art but I repeatedly find the John Henry plotline of New Frontier heartbreaking and uncomfortable yet necessary. It reminds me of that classic Neal Adams/Denny O’Neal issue of Green Lantern (#76, circa 1970) where Hal is asked why he hasn’t helped black people. If there’s a connection between New Frontier’s DCU and the DCU from that issue, John Henry’s death represents the deaths and injustices of marginalized groups all over the U.S. and the negligence of the “Justice League”.

    I don’t know if Cooke was ever asked about this plotline but I admire his decision to include it.

    And it seems like material a writer like Mark Russell might want to explore.

    • I agree with you completely. It was important to show the dark side of post-war prosperity.

    • tis a sad time indeed, when the simple notion of equality amongst people is considered “politics”.

      nearly a decade later, re-read New Frontier to play along, and was continuously surprised by the serious moral and societal topics included that slipped my memory. Hal killing the Korean soldier…rough. Straight out of a Kurtzman EC “Corpse on the Imjin” war comic.

    • I also agree that it was important to include it and if Lindelof wasn’t inspired by that story when it comes to a certain character in Watchmen, it’s a very big coincidence. He has never referenced The New Frontier in an interview. Darwyn Cooke does talk about John Henry’s story in the annotations of the Absolute Edition and later the Deluxe Edition. Do you own one them? I believe it’s in the new edition with the dreaded Black Label on the cover, but I wouldn’t know. It is important to show what else was happening at that time.

    • @cskilpatrick Yup!

      @jokingofcourse Indeed!

      @vacur005 I bought the single issues on ComiXology last summer when they were like 99¢ each but your comment reminds me of a gripe I have with these new editions and how little Comixology does to market them differently. And if you’re an unlimited subscriber, there’s no incentive to get it at all.

      Complications abound!

  3. I love DC: The New Frontier so much and re-watched the animated movie too. I have never read the annotations before in my Deluxe Edition and Conor mentioning them made me want to read them. It felt like I was discovering certain things for the first time and it had been so long where I appreciate that. I forgot about Adam Strange being in Arkham Asylum with his role. Then Hourman, Vandal Savage, and others being in the same facility with Martian Manhunter was something I didn’t remember so it was like I found something new again in a story I love. One thing I found interesting is that Batman is not in the final battle of the comic compared to the movie. It makes sense in the comic since he is a federal criminal and Batman talks about staging the defeat with Superman which you see in the special issue that Darwyn Cooke wrote during the same year that the movie came out. It is just so good.

    • I also never had read Darwyn’s NF annotations before – and holy crow, it is *dense* backmatter! But so worth it. I finally finished it tonight, I cannot think of another time in which I felt like I had as true a “director’s commentary” for a comic book work before. Then all the rest of the supplementary material, some of which I’d read, some I didn’t remember reading… sheesh, just the act of reading all of NF together was a new experience for me, I’d only read it as the single issues came out back in the day… anyway, this was a terrific adventure into Cooke’s masterpeice. I’m crazy grateful to iFanboy for leading me to it.

  4. I’ve been taking advantage of Hasbro streaming GIJoe on their youtube channel. It’s been nice this week to just flip that on and wash dishes or something. Watching a random episode of 80s GIJoe feels like time travel.

  5. Just an FYI to those who don’t already own New Frontier but do own a library card… check the Hoopla app which has the Deluxe Edition to read for free.

    Not every library participates.

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