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Pick of the Week #719 – Superman Smashes The Klan #3

Show Notes

Is it the best book in recent memory? It might be. Is there a lot of good stuff giving us a lot of laughs? Yes. Does the laughing get uncomfortable at one point? That depends on who you are. Was that a dog barking? Who can say? Is there any point to this synopsis any longer. No, definitely not.

Running Time: 01:07:45

Pick of the Week:
00:01:16 – Superman Smashes The Klan #3

00:14:13 – Wonder Twins #12
00:17:46 – Plunge #1
00:22:29 – DCeased: The Unkillables #1
00:28:14 – The Old Guard: Force Multiplied #3
00:33:52 – Superman’s Pal: Jimmy Olsen #8
00:37:05 – Valkyrie: Jane Foster #8
00:39:36 – Daredevil #18

Patron Pick:
00:43:46 – BANG! #1

Patron Thanks:
00:49:10 – Colin Schardling
00:50:34 – Corey Maurer
00:51:14 – Sean Aaron Jenson
00:52:00 – Matt Danemana

Audience Question:
00:53:34 – Marc asks about the best way to approach comic book reviews.

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  1. Superman Smashes the Klan is actually set in 1946 and right after World War II. The radio show is on YouTube and just under 3 hours right here:


  2. It’s also here, as part of one of the several online archives of the Adventures of Superman radio show:

  3. Loved the Superman-hugs-everyone episode! So good, thank you for all you do, did anyone else notice Conor Kerfitzpatrick called this episode number 718 at the show open twice? Just sayin’ ;o)

  4. I think that may have been a script-bomb that the agile coughing co-host Conor avoided.

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