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Pick of the Week #708 – Black Cat #6

Show Notes

This week there are too many books and too many books with too many characters who don’t get introduced properly and our hosts have old man brains. Also, Josh Flanagan almost gets himself murdered.

Running Time: 00:56:01

Pick of the Week:
00:02:04 – Black Cat #6

00:06:14 – Batman: Universe #5
00:10:11 – Legion of Super-Heroes #1
00:14:46 – Superman: Up in the Sky #5
00:18:50 – X-Force #1 / New Mutants #1
00:25:29 – Death or Glory #6
00:27:34 – Wonder Twins #9
00:30:27 – Doctor Doom #2
00:32:16 – The Green Lantern: Blackstars #1

Patron Pick:
00:33:46 – Undiscovered Country #1

Patron Thanks:
00:41:28 – Ross Moore
00:42:53 – Ruairi Dickson
00:44:02 – Brandon Lee
00:44:45 – Jared Blanchard

Audience Question:
00:49:16 – Karl wants to know about Batman’s fitness regimen.

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“Black Eyes”
Bradley Cooper


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  1. About UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY – I was surprised to hear such a lukewarm review from you guys. Gorgeous to look at and also good storytelling with the art, I thought – the concept sure is compelling and my reaction was that I was reading an HBO-like episodic story – a near-future science fiction alternate history world-building ensemble piece (whew!). The back-story of each of the characters in the helicopter was organically blended into moving the story forward, instead of a data-dump out of a character’s mouth. I really enjoyed this – it made me ask the best question of all when I get into a good story: “what’s going to happen next?”

  2. Thanks to having to exist in the world as an actual human being, I’m falling down on my iFanperson-ness duties, so this posting is too late to matter, but…fun fact: electrical outlets were installed upside down to designate that they were connected to a light switch.

    Did everyone already know that?…well everyone does now…and by everyone I mean the future people who instead of downloading episode 708 of a weekly comic book podcast on a phone app use the internet to call up the website and then scroll down to look over old comments.

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