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Pick of the Week #706 – Marauders #1

Show Notes

This week Josh Flanagan just wants everyone to get on with it and get it over with, while Conor Kilpatrick has a new hashtag.

Running Time: 00:59:17

Pick of the Week:
00:02:08 – Marauders #1

00:09:31 – Action Comics #1016
00:13:02 – King Thor #2
00:15:40 – The Amazing Mary Jane #1
00:19:40 – Criminal #9
00:22:22 – G.I. Joe #2
00:24:43 – Books of Magic #13
00:26:20 – Second Coming #4

Patron Pick:
00:27:40 – The Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle

Patron Thanks:
00:35:14 – Geoffrey Davis
00:37:05 – Patrick O’Kelley
00:38:14 – Rusty Richardson
00:39:44 – Jake Ignatowicz

Audience Question:
00:40:28 – Adam asks a what if question about real life mutant registration and the answer takes a serious turn.
00:46:07 – Juan P. from Los Angeles, CA read an alarming report about superhero comic book sales and is worried.

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  1. I think Josh’s assessment of Marauders is essentially my take as well.
    I thought it was fine but a little too silly for the sake of it.
    Like right off the bat why would Kitty-Kate steal a boat??
    I think the X-Men are pretty flush with cash right now with the pharma 💰. They could buy her 10 boats.
    It doesn’t make sense for her to just casually commit theft. Oh it was for the joke. Always funnier when writing motives are obvious and thirsty like that.

    I’m also off Action at this point. If that is what Powers is like then I can cross it off the list of comics to check out.
    Pages and pages of torso up talking heads all with the same voice and all with perfectly poignant commentary about what Superman means to the world.
    Our vey! Dayanu. Enough for us.( In case Bendis reads this maybe that will help drive the point home for him)

  2. I’m really interested in the big moves they are making for the X-Men, but I’ll mirror your sentiments. I don’t wanna read 6-8 books just about the X-Men each month. I know if I read only a few I’ll feel like I’m only getting part of the story.

    That’s basically what tipped me over the edge of dropping all my X-Men books in to 90’s. 3-4 books fine. 6-8 books is just enough to be too much. I buy 6-8 books total per month, and that’s only gotten harder to support as the price of comics have crept up over the years (as you pointed out). I only came back for particularly notable runs. I’m wondering if any of these will be something like a Morrison, Bendis or Whedon run, and therefore worthy of soldiering through the annoyance of not knowing the full story across books. I’m guessing the Hickman book will be that though I haven’t picked that one up yet.

    As a long time X-Men fan I also bristle a bit at the notion of Kitty insisting on being called Kate. Though it’s not an unreasonable character trait. I’ve certainly known plenty of women growing up who desperately wanted to shed their childish nicknames much to the consternation of their friends. It does seems like a relatively arbitrary time to draw that line in the sand as you point out.

  3. Mad props to Connor. All my life people have had trouble correctly pronouncing my last name of Ignatowicz and you nailed it. That alone deserves my continued patronage. And I even liked my silly super power. Thanks and continue the great job, guys!

  4. At the risk of kicking the proverbial hornet’s nest let’s talk about the question about a “real life mutant registration act”.

    These registration acts (mutant and superhero) are problematic because they lack comprehensiveness. It is not enough to register a mutant because they are “dangerous” but in order for it to work you would want to offer incentives to register – e.g. specialized health care based on the individual’s power set, training and education to utilize their powers for “good”, job placement, etc.

    It’s not a gun issue. It’s a people issue. And the problem with the registration to protect people argument is it fails to see that mutants and superheroes are people too.

    • It’s why I really took to Young Justice Season 3. They started clinics to help Metahumans where they can get training and healthcare to deal with their powers. I see that as the most reasonable response to people with super powers.

  5. So I first heard the power Josh first gave as “Herb Master”, not “herb master”. I realized by the second mention what he was saying, but for my own amusement I kept replacing herb with Herb, made it a much more funny power to “know all about the Herbs”. I mean you got Herb kohl, Herbert Hoover, Herb Brooks, and Herb Tarlek.

  6. It is beyond depressing that last week’s POW was one of your most controversial ever. That is all I have to say.

  7. I used to listen a lot back in the old days (back in the 100s?) and this was the first episode I’ve listened to in about… 12 years?! Great to hear that this is still going strong and Josh and Conor are still at it! Missing Ron though, I’ll have to go back an listen to the episode referenced where he came back as a guest a couple of weeks ago.

    Mostly jumped on because I’m back in love with X-men for the first time in a long time, thanks to Hickman and these new books, and wanted to hear your take on them! Personally I loved Marauders, although have the same reservations about the longevity. A lot of the books seem like oddball mixes of characters, so I’m glad to see the ones so far have been worldbuilding and character focused. We’ve missed a lot of that recently, I think Hickman is doing a great job so far.

    Marauders definitely felt like it has a much smaller more intimate scope than some of the other books, which works well. It will allow for more self contained stories that still feel connected to the broader X-storylines. I get the impression that there will be a lot of intrigue at play with Emma and the Hellfire Club as the story progresses.

    Looking forward to more, I enjoyed Exalibur a lot also, I’m hoping that all of the new books are this good!

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