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Pick of the Week #699 – Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1

Show Notes

We get Conor Kilpatrick up early, Josh Flanagan will brook no more of Todd’s behavior, and we diagram the names of the Seaver family as best we can.

Running Time: 01:18:25

Pick of the Week:
00:02:33 – Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1

00:13:50 – Fantastic Four #14
00:20:56 – Lois Lane #3
00:23:52 – DCeased: A Good Day to Die #1
00:29:44 – Doomsday Clock #11
00:40:05 – Agents of Atlas #2
00:41:24 – Sea of Stars #3
00:43:38 – Battlepug #3
00:47:00 – Usagi Yojimbo #4
00:48:08 – Superman: Up In The Sky #3

Patron Pick:
00:50:39 – Spawn #300

Patron Thanks:
01:04:06 – Joseph M. Irwin
01:05:09 – Brice Bridges
01:06:22 – Andrew Funk
01:07:40 – Julien Bouskila

Audience Question:
01:08:42 – We don’t really take James’ real question, but we do discuss cookies.

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“The Legionnaire’s Lament”
The Decemberists


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  1. Hmm, what was the Legion reference Josh saw in the final sequence of Millennium? I must have my eyes closed!

    I understood this book differently to Conor, thinking it was moving forward in time… surely Supergirl is the first sequence as she’s closer to our time, then Batman Beyond as he’s in Bruce Wayne’s lifetime too, etc. Doesn’t ‘and then’ tell us each is coming AFTER the other?

    • The Supergirl part being the most recent didn’t make any sense to me. She’s a teenager “now” and she’s Kryptonian so she ages much slower than a human, so if that was the sequence closest to the present then she should have definitely not looked as old as she did.

      Really, though, it was more about never having seen so many of the future timelines laid out like that and seeing how together they don’t add up. (To me.)

    • In the final scene, drawn by Araujo, she’s in the waiting room of the LOSH, trying to get on the team, as I understood it. And they won’t see her, because she seems crazy.

    • Thanks guys.

      Conor, we don’t know HOW close to the present the Supergirl scene is, I just mean it’s the closest relative to the other vignettes – I was guessing late 21st century. Ah well, we may yet find out!

      Josh, unless I’m really missing something, the Planeteers she’s trying to join aren’t the Legion but the separate interstellar peacekeeping group that predates the Legion – the Tommy Tomorrow* of the Planeteers strip was originally set in the far-off late 20th century, then moved to the 21st century. I suspect here we’re in the 25th as that’s where Booster Gold works at the Space Museum… we see him as Michael the janitor in the previews for next issue.

      * In post-Crisis DC continuity the kid found in Command D grew up to be Tommy Tomorrow, but we can safely ignore that by now.

      Apologies if I’m telling you stuff you know because I’m just missing stuff – super-stupidity will likely turn out to be my Patreon Power!

    • @Mart: Well, if we are to believe that the scenes are in fact linear, the Supergirl scene would have to take place before BATMAN BEYOND in which Bruce Wayne is alive and well, which makes no sense to me in relation to how old Supergirl is shown to be in her scene.

    • @Conor – You’re likely right, I don’t know the Batman Beyond continuity, I’ve only come across him in Countdown. And who knows with DC characters and possible futures, they could all be bleeding immortal, or clones, or whatever.

    • Just tweeted you Conor but forgot you’re likely not going to see that. In a new interview at the Beat with Brian Bendis there’s this exchange:

      CORI McCREERY: And we’re getting to the path to get my favorite future teens back. I just want to ask a question about the President Supergirl chapter. Was that meant to be a framing device for the rest of it? Or was that at the very beginning of this timeline?

      BRIAN BENDIS: This is the beginning of the story. It actually takes place about 40 or 50 years from now. Right? So we seemed from the first page that we’re in today, and we turned the page right? And Supergirl is Helen Mirren, we’re already in the future. She’s already started her path, and she doesn’t know it.’

      Full piece at https://www.comicsbeat.com/who-leviathan-isnt-brian-michael-bendis-interview/ – interesting stuff!

  2. I’ll get behind Josh’s McFarlane disappointment. I also liked the guy’s style when he was on Spiderman, and was excited to see what did when Image was formed. I think I got maybe 10 issues into Spawn and my enthusiasm died. It was an interesting concept that just fell flat for me in the execution. Though I won’t argue McFarlane is a bad business man. Clearly the guy knows what he’s doing. Just the path he took diverged greatly from my interests.

    Also thanks for recommending FF. I was not reading and now I am.

  3. I’m surprised that comparisons for Millennium weren’t made to House of X #2 with Moira and it is known that Hickman almost went to DC, but DC didn’t seal the deal. There is a good chance that it was Legion of Super Heroes with his pitch and it didn’t do a good job of selling the Legion itself. Rose mentioned how it’s always the same with a reset, reboot, and rebirth where it is possible that these events aren’t supposed to take place chronologically. They’re just different futures she keeps living.

    I’m surprised that House of X #4 wasn’t discussed. It which stood out and had emotionally impactful deaths even if you know they’re not lasting long which made it more impressive to me. The Wolverine and Nightcrawler conversation was great with Nightcrawler wondering if Logan was worried about his soul and Logan questions what is on the other side for someone like him.

    This scene was just so good.


    It felt like a classic X-Men story.

  4. “If you see someone wearing a Venom shirt, it’s a red flag every time.”
    Yikes. Nose is raised high in the air once the Spawn review started.
    (I’m not a fan btw.)

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