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Pick of the Week #697 – Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #2

Show Notes

Here we are again, Jimmy. There are quite a few new fun series hitting their second issues, and the dichotomy of Hickman continues. Plus, did Conor Kilpatrick come up the best Patron Power ever? He might have.

Running Time: 01:10:44

Pick of the Week:
00:01:11 – Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen

00:10:42 – Valkyrie: Jane Foster #2
00:16:00 – Guardians of the Galaxy #8
00:20:17 – Superman: Year One #2
00:25:07 – History of the Marvel Universe #2
00:32:20 – Powers of X #3
00:35:24 – Daredevil #10
00:40:04 – Pearl #12
00:42:36 – Marvel Comics Presents #8
00:44:40 – Nightwing #63

Patron Pick:
00:47:34 – Strayed #1

Patron Thanks:
00:55:54 – John Gairing
00:56:27 – Joseph Bulleri
00:58:29 – Slap Rabbit
00:59:07 – Kenneth Thomas

Audience Question:
01:00:10 – Greg wonders if there are any shocking villain appearances left.

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  1. Looking forward to the booksplode! Something I actually own, so will reread prior to listening.

    In your discussion on shocking villains I started thinking about good reappearances of C-list villains, where a writer did something very interesting. My mind jumped to Alias (perhaps as you referenced it) and Bendis’ use of Purple Man. Shocking how sinister Bendis made him.

    I was looking forward to your take on Once and Future. Did you read and not feel worth talking about (or not read)?

  2. Superman: Year One # 2 was some goofy shit.

    Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olson on the other hand was fantastic.

    Surprised you dudes didn’t talk about the death that happened in Batman #77.

  3. You guys are absolutely right. They need to fix Groot. I think this started in the Duggan run, but I may be mis-remembering. I don’t know why they think this is a good idea. They haven’t done anything interesting with the character change. He just talks now and it makes him way less charming. Other than that Donny has had a great run so far.

    We have gotten a bunch of Rocket’s origin, but they’ve left alot of gaps in there and some uncertainty (like Rocket’s memories were unreliable). I believe this is all new stuff.

  4. There were two things that genuinely surprised me for this podcast. The first was that Batman #77 wasn’t discussed other than being indirectly mentioned with a death. Checking in on Nightwing instead with its lack of relevance didn’t make as much sense. The issue that Dick got shot in was Batman 55 which was not Tom King’s decision. Then Benjamin Percy wrote Nightwing 50 before getting kicked off and the story changed with Lobdell who then got replaced by Dan Jurgens. Tom King said on a podcast that he wanted Tim Drake to take over as Nightwing while he helped Dick recover. That was a much better idea than Ric Grayson and Lobdell wanted the Ric story to go longer.

    The second surprising thing was the conversation about House of X which focused on everything but the issue itself. Not discussing the ending reveal that the Year 100 story was actually Moira’s ninth life which ties into earlier issues with Moira on her tenth life right now doesn’t make sense to me. It explained how the X-Men got the information to go after the Master Mold facility in the new present. That dystopian future story in that year has to be over unless Hickman has more for it with how horrible things went and it wasn’t that difficult to follow in the issue. That was a big “aha” moment. I understand that it is subjective and you don’t have to like the storytelling, but it’s strange to ignore that reveal and not talk about the content in the issue.

    • I haven’t read any X books for years until this Hickman run, and I’ve had no problems following what’s going on. I also absolutely love it so far and even managed to get a buddy reading it, who couldn’t care less about any comics not named Spider-Man or Groo.

    • It is astounding to me too that Soo much was made for so long here by the ‘boys when Snyder took Alfred’s hand.
      “Just leave Alred alone!” exclaimed Conor.
      It’s just a testament to the influence Tom King has on the comics ‘press’
      Since they are all seemingly friends with him, they simply can not review his work objectively.

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