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Pick of the Week #696 – Batman: Universe #2

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Conor Kilpatrick returns and brings his allergies with him! In addition to the usual comic book talk, he and Josh Flanagan try to figure out just what the deal is with with Toro’s age and Moira MacTaggart’s mutant power, talk a lot about eating chicken wings and Alec Baldwin on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Running Time: 01:14:57

Pick of the Week:
00:01:45 – Batman: Universe #2

00:11:02 – Event Leviathan #3
00:16:48 – Invaders #8
00:23:16 – Fantastic Four #13
00:30:06 – Gogor #4
00:31:38 – Powers of X #2
00:37:52 – Second Coming #2
00:42:00 – Conan The Barbarian: Exodus #1
00:44:51 – James Bond: Origin #12

Patron Pick:
00:47:03 – The White Trees #1

Patron Thanks:
00:56:26 – Update on the Patrons who have upgraded and have yet to receive their powers.
00:57:38 – Michael Gordner
00:58:03 – John Guerra
00:59:18 – Shawn Anderson
01:00:59 – Joe Christensen

Audience Question:
01:02:51 – Andrew from California just finished watching The Boys, really enjoyed it, and wonders about other adaptations that are better than the source.

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  1. The adaptations that come to mind and are better than the source from a movie standpoint are the first Kingsman movie and Kick-Ass. I would have mentioned Under the Red Hood like Conor. A History of Violence is better than the source material and doesn’t get enough credit.

    I wouldn’t recommend Preacher which was a well cast show, but struggled to adapt the comic well with awful pacing. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg did a much better job with The Boys. Antony Starr as Homelander and Karl Urban as Billy Butcher do the best job in the show. If The Boys wasn’t a super hero show, then Antony Starr gets nominated for an Emmy where he does a great job switching between being charismatic and unhinged.

  2. Conan was traditionally fictional pre-ancient history. That’s a hallmark of weird fiction. The fictional Hyborian Age is loosely set somewhere after the sinking of Atlantis and prior to any recorded history. So prior to the Babylonian and Assyrian cultures. That would make it pre-ancient history and legend to the Greeks. There are accounts of Greek historians coming across Assyrian ruins and not knowing what they culture they belong to at the time.

    So we as modern readers would have no evidence of it other than vague myth and legend. So it’s pretty much a blank canvas to create a setting. Even in recorded ancient history there are tons of religions and fantastical stories that plenty of people are unfamiliar with so I don’t think it’s that much a stretch. I mean how much do you guys know about the worship of the Sumerian god Enki and that would be a creation well after the Hyborian Age.

    • So you guys are correct in thinking of it as a separate fantasy setting since it’s so far removed from our history that it’s completely disconnected other than references to pre-historical things like Atlantis. The entire landmass would be different so you can’t really say this is when Conan was walking around pre-history England or Egypt. It’s more like Conan is interacting with the Aquilonian’s who are culturally the precursors to the Roman culture or Cimmerians who are precursors to the Gaelic culture.

  3. Welcome back Conor!

    Great show guys! And yeah Batman Universe is so much fun. Loving it.

  4. A costume that will be added to the list along with the glowing spider and now Prof. X’s helmet is Tim Drake’s upcoming costume change to poop brown. What a horrible choice. He might also be getting a name change which makes it worse. Just sideline Damian and keep Tim as Robin. It’s not hard.

  5. Batman Universe is the closest thing i have read to a DC book since the destroyed rebirth

  6. So Lois actually poked fun at Plastic Man being on the team when there’s a guy with the same powers who’s actually a master detective (Elongated Man). Made me happy as a DC Fan, maybe Ralph will be involved later on.

  7. So Moira’s deal is that she’s playing Groundhog’s Day but with her entire life. Every time she dies, her mind and memories go back to the point she was born. Different events happen differently because, even if she’s not meaning to, Moira simply knowing how events are supposed to unfold causes the butterfly effect to happen. She’s not going to different timelines, she’s just rewriting time in the main 616 (Hickman has been on the record saying that there’s no alternate timeline) Or at least, that’s the theory. There’s enough weirdness in the four House/Power of X issues so far it’s hard to know what exactly is directly tied to what.

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