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Pick of the Week #694 – Conan The Barbarian #8

Show Notes

Guest host Ryan Haupt is joined by comicbook.com’s Jim Viscardi because neither jamoke bothered to show. Can they talk about this week’s comics without a safety net? Will the patrons be empowered? Will we learn the fate of the no-show jamokes? Tune in to find out!

Running Time: 01:18:59

Pick of the Week:
00:02:56 – Conan The Barbarian #8

00:10:36 – Batman: Last Knight on Earth #2
00:19:08 – Powers of X #1
00:28:17 – The Green Lantern Annual #1
00:33:05 – Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #9
00:39:52 – Captain America #12
00:46:40 – American Carnage #9
00:48:16 – The Avengers #22
00:51:48 – Runaways #23

Patron Pick:
00:53:18 – Paper Girls #30

Patron Thanks:
01:00:41 – Kaylon Cochran
01:01:51 – Andrew Dziengel
01:03:02 – Don Knapp
01:04:05 – Andy Hampton

Audience Questions:
01:05:41 – Andrew wants to know just what is the deal with variant covers?

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  1. What villain complained about the science-talk? Don’t listen to the haters Ryan.

    • I was coming here to post the same thing. How can someone who loves super heroes, especially Marvel ones, hate on science talk?

  2. iFanboy Powers of X.

    In 10 years, Ryan and Jim will be running the iFanboy podcast. Along with iFanboy super-fan Tom King.

    In 100 years, iFanboy is the hologram of Ron Richards, Haupt’s Monster, and Cyborg Paul Montgomery.

    In 1000 years, all restaurants are iFanboy.

  3. Great job, Ryan and Jim, for keeping the iFanboy light burning! I especially appreciated that you both happened to be on hand for that question about variants, was real interesting to hear about that via your specific experiences in retail comics selling and also publishing.

    I still miss Conor and Josh, though, and I hope their normal lives are okay.

  4. Love Josh and Connor, but changing up the hosts every once in a while is a good way to keep it interesting. Different hosts have different points of view and can add their own color to the conversation. Can’t wait for Saga to come back!

  5. Really enjoyed the lads together – maybe this could be a quarterly thing to give C and J a break?

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