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Pick of the Week #693 – Marvels Epilogue

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick flew in overnight and didn’t sleep. Will he fall apart?!? Will Josh Flanagan suffocate from the heat of an uncooled room in late July?!?! No, not really, it turns out. Sometimes things can be very good, but you also might not like them. Sometimes that’s because your are Josh. But you can also learn to love. Come learn with us.

Running Time: 01:22:21

Pick of the Week:
00:03:06 – Marvels Epilogue #1

00:20:18 – History of the Marvel Universe #1
00:28:05 – Valkyrie: Jane Foster #1
00:32:13 – Batman: Curse of the White Knight #1
00:35:27 – Skyward #15
00:40:57 – Batgirl #37
00:43:12 – Lazarus: Rising #2
00:48:52 – The Flash #75
00:51:37 – A Walk Through Hell #12

Patron Pick:
00:55:57 – House of X #1

Patron Thanks:
01:08:19 – Joe Jordan
01:09:35 – Kenneth Luther
01:11:04 – Edward
01:12:34 – Drunk Viking

Audience Question:
01:14:45 – Tom asks a question that can be answered easily and quickly with a t-shirt.

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  1. Josh, did you just compare Alex Ross to Rush?

    Conor, did you just utter the phrase “shadowy junk”?

    Fun show guys!

  2. Again, Conor is recording from a secure, undisclosed location. I’m just assuming you’re in a bunker far down in the earth. That’s probably for the best. If we were to lose Josh (and I certainly hope nothing happens), Conor (the designated survivor) will make sure iFanboy continues on. Stay safe both of you! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STAY SAFE!!

    (Sorry, just finished watching season three of Stranger Things, and I’m a little on edge, concerned everything I love is in terrible jeopardy.)

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