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Pick of the Week #691 – Batman: Universe #1

Show Notes

Not even Josh Flanagan’s tyrannical alarm clock can stop he and Conor Kilpatrick from talking about comic books beyond their allotted one hour. As per usual.

Running Time: 01:03:51

Pick of the Week:
00:02:00 – Batman: Universe #1

00:12:32 – Young Justice #7
00:16:41 – Second Coming #1
00:23:08 – The Avengers #21
00:27:19 – Thor #15
00:32:31 – The War of the Realms: Omega #1
00:36:45 – The Amazing Spider-Man #25
00:39:50 – Invisible Woman #1
00:42:22 – Black Hammer / Justice League: Hammer of Justice! #1

Patron Pick:
00:45:00 – Giant-Size X-Statix #1

Patron Thanks:
00:51:40 – Alan Robertson
00:52:58 – Max Howes
00:53:57 – Mason Havens
00:55:35 – Mark Katuzney

Audience Question:
00:57:28 – Alex C. from Wellington, New Zealand asks about shelving books of unusual shape.

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“Across the Universe”
Rufus Wainwright


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  1. Nick Derington is great and I first got introduced to him with the Doom Patrol comic by Gerard Way where he did the interiors and covers. It just really popped off the page and Dave Stewart was not the colorist for that run. It actually recently returned and is called Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds. Unfortunately, Derington just did the cover for that issue and not the interiors. That same thing happened with the twelfth issue which came out a pretty long time after the eleventh issue of that original run. I would like to see him get more work.

  2. Batman Universe is such a breath of fresh air. With all the current “breaking” of Batman going on, reading Bendis’ lighthearted take on the caped crusader is all the more special.

    I was lucky enough to have a local Walmart that carried this comic and every month I’d take a detour from the frozen food isle and snag me a copy to read the latest installment – and dudes, let me tell you, this story gets awesomer and awesomer. Just wait!

    Side note (1) – with Tom King leaving the main Batman title after issue 85, how cool would it be if Bendis took over writing?
    Too much on his plate already? Yeah, perhaps.

    Anyway, good show as always guys. The cell phone alarm works like a charm.

    Side note (2) – yes I know “awesomer” is not a word. 😉

    • Most people predicted that Bendis would take over with 86. Since Batman is going monthly and 100 is supposed to be a big moment, either Bendis takes over at 86 or at 100. It would be a mistake to have 3 fill in arcs until 100 with Bendis coming onboard. I would be happy if Tom Taylor got a 14 issue run on Batman before Bendis takes over at 100 if it is going to be delayed. Batman is still the top DC comic and using fill in arcs with different creative teams in order to get to 100 would be bad planning.

  3. Great episode! Only snag for me was the art by Mattias De Iulis on Invisible Woman#1. I thought the work and colors were both spectacular, looking forward to seeing more of his work. Thanks for this podcast!

  4. No joke, I also said “that’s a halberd” along with Ned!

    The really weird thing is that my wife did not roll her eyes.

  5. I hope that the cell phone timer becomes the new bell.

  6. I love a decompression issue as much as the next person, but hot tub avengers felt like some kind of fan fiction in the first half.
    When Tony referred to Mjolnir as ‘Everclear’ I couldn’t believe I was reading a Jason A-a-ron book.
    So much so I actually looked to make sure it was in in fact Aaron only then noticing it was co-written with Jason Masters.
    I’m guessing Mr. Masters has had that scene in his back pocket for about ten years.
    Somewhere out there there is an early draft on a geocities/angel fire site.

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