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Pick of the Week #687 – Event Leviathan #1

Show Notes

It’s an event named Event! Conor and Josh do their damnedest to keep the show shorter than an hour. It doesn’t work. But that only works out for you, dear listener. Yes, we know Conor sounds a little weird. You’ll get used to it. Also, the movie we couldn’t remember was 1985’s Brewster’s Millions.

Paging Doctor Quass, This fall on CBS!


Running Time: 01:01:22

Pick of the Week:
00:02:41 – Event Leviathan #1

00:11:08 – Superman #12
00:15:31 – The Flash #72
00:10:11 – Giant Man #3
00:24:14 – Wonder Twins #5
00:28:20 – Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #7
00:30:46 – Spider-Man: Life Story #43
00:35:10 – Five Years #2

Patron Pick:
00:38:31- Silver Surfer: Black #1

Patron Thanks:
00:44:08 – Chris Kim
00:45:46 – Ryan Kent
00:49:43 – Kevin Quass
00:49:34 – Eric Centeno

Listener Mail:
00:51:02 – Daniel S. asked us about Neal Stephenson. What else are we supposed to do here? Strap in.

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  1. Hey Conor what do you think of DC universe so far? i am having a hard time with the current state of the universe. I am making new lists now in DC universe of great comic runs.

    • oops i mean i dont read alot of the new books some i diving into some older stuff. I meant conor what do you think of the dc universe app and service. swamp thing is pretty good, Hard R

    • I loved watching TITANS (which was my primary reason for getting it) and I have enjoyed watching things I hadn’t seen before like the animated shorts. I’ve watched some of, but not all of the new season of YOUNG JUSTICE (after rewatching the original two seasons). Didn’t make it all the way through the first episode of DOOM PATROL and haven’t seen SWAMP THING.

      I like it but it’s probably doomed to get folded into the Warner Bros. streaming service.

    • Yeah i am actually worried about that. I am hearing the price for the warner streaming app is gonna be about 15 bucks a month, not sure if that is including HBO. It’s kinda steep considering Disney is launching for $ 8.

  2. My takeaway for Lois showing up in the Talia dress was: just like Jimmy showing up clearly having had other adventures, Lois showing up in the Talia dress was meant to showcase the same. She had infiltrated dressed as Talia or something. I think that’s all it was, and I doubt Bendis will feel the need to explain it further.

    • Agreed, I just thought it was a hint as to how Lois et al were able to infiltrate that high-security facility. That she was somehow able to see/recreate Talia’s appearance (and man, what a big leap that is lol) to get them in.

  3. Got some bloodwork done today, could sure do with an informal diagnosis before next week.

  4. “BREWSTER’S MILLION’S” he shouted impotently at his listening device.

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