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Pick of the Week #684 – The Avengers #19

Show Notes

Josh Flanagan is back after an unexpected absence, as he and Conor Kilpatrick search for an oasis of calm in comics, while existing in a turbulent world. It was a great week with some stand out books, and Josh will fight going off on a tangent with every single sentence he starts. Also, it’s a week of genuine inkers, and we think we like it.

Running Time: 01:14:59

Pick of the Week:
00:02:59 – The Avengers #19

00:14:07 – The War of the Realms: Strikeforce – The Land of Giants #1
00:20:40 – Ghost Tree #2
00:24:51 – Assassin Nation #3
00:28:38 – The Flash #71
00:35:02 – Detective Comics #1004
00:38:10 – Action Comics #1011
00:42:57 – Doctor Strange #14
00:33:27 – Tony Stark: Iron Man #11

Patron Pick:
00:46:50 – Clue: Candlestick #1

Patron Thanks:
00:54:57 – Jeffrey Carter
00:55:50 – Justin Struble
00:58:39 – Brian Wilder
01:00:00 – Jack Cutler

Audience Question:
01:01:41 – Juan from LA would like to know our professional wrestling bona fides.

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“Cruel Summer”


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  1. A lil’ late for posting, but for posterity and future listeners…

    Definitely go back and check out Dash Shaw’s early work. His art style varies project to project.

    Didn’t read his Clue book, however from the preview pages online, the art is radically different (and more blah pedestrian from my ignorant judgement of a few pages) than his previous books.

    Please read “BodyWorld” to get a sense of his excellent use of color and varied mediums/ line styles that give it the off kilter psychedelic tone. If you’ve read Charles Burn’s “Black Hole” or any of Chris Ware’s or Daniel Clowes work you’ll enjoy “BodyWorld” for that same suburban ennui goes awry story. And if not just read it anyway. It’s probably at a library if you live in the big city and if not, there’s free chapters online.

    See future judgemental listeners, just know that people in your past didn’t want the dismissing of Dash Shaw’s art to go un-clarified. And don’t tell me how I died I still want it to be a surprise…

    it’s my cat, right? She kills me in my sleep…
    No don’t say anything…
    But I’m right? Just blink if I’m right…

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