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Pick of the Week #683 – Ironheart #6

Show Notes

This week, Ryan Haupt jumps into the show at the last minute to help Conor Kilpatrick talk about comics while weathering the onslaught of Conor’s allergies and outside construction noise.

Running Time: 01:01:36

Pick of the Week:
00:02:07 – Ironheart #6

00:10:15 – Daredevil #5
00:14:15 – Spider-Man: Life Story #3
00:18:59 – Naomi #5
00:22:15 – The War of the Realms #4
00:26:57 – Batman #71
00:30:47 – Aquaman #48
00:33:27 – American Carnage #7

Star Wars Corner:
00:36:00 – Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Lando Calrissian #1

Patron Pick:
00:38:05 – Giant-Man #1

Patron Thanks:
00:43:25 – Adrian Lilley
00:44:52 – Brad Weddle
00:47:14 – Chris Johnston
00:47:54 – Alaina Edmunds

Audience Question:
00:49:37 – Will R. wants to know where he can find physical therapy-related superhero stories.
00:53:40 – Professor Martín H. is looking for comic book stories about Raven that are as good as those found in other media.

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  1. iFanboy Sponsored by Shick razors.
    Schick Now Owns Harry/s.
    Promo Code: BigRazor


    • as much as I enjoy some good ol fashion BigRazor ribbing…Edgewell owns Harry’s now, not Schick.

      At best Schick and Harry’s are step-siblings.
      Under your joke logic you could’ve also said Playtex Tampons owns Harry’s, Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen owns Harry’s..and I’m already bored of listing things.

      and great, now BigTech owns everything I just typed.
      dang. no winning.

    • Right. I believe my point of Harry’s is corporate now still stands. As I understand the acquisition Harry’s will fall under Schick’s supervision. How long before that affects quality and or price?

  2. Physical therapy in comics: any examples from Knightfall when Bruce is recovering from a broken back?

  3. I just listened to Episode to 682 where you mentioned a Porkins interest. You guys need to read this great Porkins/Biggs story that I recently read in Star Wars Age of Rebellion Special #1 that came out a month ago. It really made me wish there was still a Rogue Squadron ongoing book…

  4. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Please excuse me while I jabber away into the wind. I don’t know where else to post this.

    Man, but this Tom King BATMAN situation drives me a little nuts. While I might not like Tom King’s run, it seems like the DC is doing it their greatest disservice. They’re renumbering it and giving it a new title. Tom King is trying to liken it to Grant Morrison’s run, which sort of did the same thing but Tom doesn’t mention that DC kept doing that until it was run into the ground. Morrison got shuffled off BATMAN to BATMAN AND ROBIN with a new number 1, which was fine. Then, he wrote a miniseries about Bruce’s return. Then, he wrote BATMAN, INC again with a new number 1. Then, the New 52 happened so BATMAN, INC got another new number 1 but not before it got a special which contained two issues of the old BATMAN, INC that didn’t get published before the new BATMAN, INC. That special, titled LEVIATHAN STRIKES, also had a #1 on the cover. So, even though Morrison’s Batman run was all one big story, it had its beginning in BATMAN #655 but also had five comics with a #1 on them that came afterwards. Trying to navigate this story afterwards is exceedingly difficult. It was even hard at the time.

    The same is true for Ed Brubaker’s Captain America run. That started off great, but then went through the same situation. Brubaker saw CAPTAIN AMERICA get renumbered as he was writing it, a miniseries happened, the series got renamed, he wrote another miniseries, and the series got relaunched and given a new #1 but not before another writer took over the main title while Ed was writing that second miniseries. Once again, navigating these waters is difficult.

    So, will the same thing happen to Tom King’s run? Will DC parse this thing out, relaunch it, rename it, short-term goose it to hell until people stop following it because it’s no longer special? It’s no longer BATMAN? History tells me that’s exactly what will happen.

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