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Pick of the Week #682 – Excellence #1

Show Notes

The Patron Powers take a dark turn this week.

Running Time: 01:05:26

Pick of the Week:
00:01:46 – Excellence #1

00:12:30 – Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6
00:18:25 – The Flash #70
00:23:10 – Detective Comics #1003
00:26:15 – Batman and The Outsiders #1
00:34:28 – Deadly Class #38
00:36:46 – Captain America #10
00:39:11 – Wonder Twins #4
00:41:29 – Invaders #5

Patron Pick/Star Wars Corner:
00:42:39 – Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Boba Fett #1

Patron Thanks:
00:51:05 – Robert Dean Kidd
00:52:32 – Wes Ahles
00:54:55 – JDom TpGvin
00:57:11 – Oscar Escobar Nuguaray

Audience Questions:
00:59:03 – Andrew extols the virtues of getting comics from your local library.

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  1. Your discussion about Excellence intrigued me enough I bought the issue digitally and paused the show to read it. Great first issue, and I’ve subscribed to the series.

    Vast majority of my comics reading is trades, and it’s a rare occurence that I try a new series so immediately based on a recomendation/review, but whatever you said worked, so thanks!

  2. I am currently sitting at my desk at my job in a library listening to this podcast, and I have to say, I wholeheartedly agree: libraries are an excellent place for comics. Also, most libraries have a way to request books that might not be currently in their system. Inter-library loan programs make it possible to get books from different libraries. You can also suggest books that you would like to see added to their collection. They won’t always get it, but it at least let’s them know that there is an audience for them. And Josh is right, when you patronize a library you increase their numbers, and that is one of the library’s biggest tools in getting funding.

  3. So, I don’t know if I’ve just been under a rock or what. But this week I’ve just seen trailer for two of Greg Rucka’s stories that are going to be TV shows this fall. That is awesome. I first got a Youtube commercial of “Stumptown”, looks great by the way, and then CNN had “Batwoman”. I had heard Batwoman was coming, but I didn’t realize how much of Rucka, and JH Williams run it would rely on.

  4. I know I’m waaay late here but I had to say that “blinking Youtubers out of existence” power made me properly belly laugh. Love it – thanks Josh!

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