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Pick of the Week #678 – Invaders #4

Show Notes

It’s another light week that’s not that strong and once again Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick struggle to find enough books to talk about. And boy are they grumpy about it! But at least there’s an adorable audio cameo from George Clooney The Dog to lighten the mood. Come for the grumpy comics talk, stay for the show to go completely off-the-rails at the end.

Running Time: 01:10:19

Pick of the Week:
00:02:12 – Invaders #4

00:15:20 – Batman #68
00:20:47 – FairLady #1
00:25:09 – Avengers: No Road Home #9
00:32:11 – Wonder Twins #3
00:35:29 – Detective Comics #1001
00:38:41 – Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4

Star Wars Corner:
00:40:39 – Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Grand Moff Tarkin #1

Patron Pick:
00:43:38 – The War of The Realms: Journey Into Mystery #1

Patron Thanks:
00:49:14 – David Monroe
00:51:44 – Oliver Willis
00:53:21 – Bobby Baker
00:54:56 – Chris Waldron

Audience Questions:
00:56:25 – Eric F. from Brooklyn, NY misses the Batman comics of the early 2000s.
00:58:56 – Brad D. from Canada wants us to pit Denny O’Neil against Tom King.

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  1. Enough of the Bi-Monthly comic book! This obvious cash grab by DC is the main reason we get “filler” issues like the current Batman “Knightmares” arc. I’m okay with one Batman issue a month. There are plenty more Batman centric books out there to keep me sated for 30 more days.

    Tom King’s run is unlike any I’ve read in my many years of being a Batman fan, and that’s good thing, but the twice a month schedule is, of you pardon the pun, the bane of his existence. I understand DC is running a business, but the product produced by this business is creative in nature, and that creativity is being hindered by “the suits” that only care about the returns.

    • Could be wrong, but I actually think we got these “Knightmare” dream issues because Tom King had to head to Hollywood for TV meetings, and couldn’t devote as much time as he needed to his frontburner Batman arc.

    • (‘Bi-monthly’ in comics always meant every two months, I’d say ‘bi-weekly’.) I’m certainly ready for Tom King to leave, his story is going on and on… if Hollywood meetings are more important right now, fair enough, take a break. I get that he wants to do a hundred issues but this is not a series that seems to be sticking to a Paul Levitz-style detailed plan. He could come back refreshed and wrap things up in a tight six issues.

      Hercules trying for rehabilitation was the focus for Dan Abnett and Luke Ross’s recent Herc series and it was wonderful, certainly worth a browse on Marvel Unlimited.

      Because I’m not a Star Wars fan and don’t know all the characters, I kept hearing Grand Moff Tarkin as ‘Grandma…’. Actually? Maybe she’s a spin-off character.

  2. How long have we been in Batman’s hallucinatory psychodrama?


    Jesus wept.

    If you were perhaps finding some new element in his psyche or some new motivation or some new character point (and good luck with THAT on this character)then maybe it would be justified but the amount of wheel-spinning is ridiculous.

    Also, I am older than the two of you are so if you want to tap the brakes on the whole “we’re old men” thing I would be grateful.

  3. Thank you for choosing the current Invaders issue. With so many titles of confusing story lines I find it most refreshing to find a tale with characters with gravitas and history.

  4. And by “bi-monthly” of course I meant “bi-weekly”.

    Curse you iFanboy for not having an edit feature!!!!

    Anyways, there could be some truth in your theory BionicDave.

  5. “Knightmares – Part 1” was Batman #61 which came out on December 19, so it’s been nearly four months of this dream arc. It feels even longer because of that Flash crossover that happened right in the middle.

  6. If you want to feel even worse about Batman, the arc that was supposed to start in issue 70 with Thomas Wayne was delayed to issue 74. The planning of the Knightmares arc has been frankly terrible and certain issues work really well as one shots, but don’t work well with having any momentum for the series. It’s been very frustrating and it was time to move on months ago. A different arc is happening involving Arkham Asylum in 70 so I’m just not that excited for Batman right now.

  7. I was in love with King’s Batman for a while there, to the point of being subscribed on Comixology (breaking three rules I made for myself a while back – no buying singles, no paying full price for digital comics, and not being interested in the modern interpretation of Batman in general which isn’t really so much a rule as just kinda a thing), but lately it’s just been, “Yeah, I can wait for the digital trade to be on sale to catch up with this”.

    I still want to follow the story, but it’s no longer an immediate must-read for me.

  8. So in Regards to Detective Comics 1001.

    The Arkham Knight was the main villain in the last Batman Arkham game. Which was kind of an elseworlds-ish story in its own right. I do find this curious that they are introducing him into the main DC continuity because if you havent played the game before…


    In the game the knight is revealed to be Jason Todd. Which unless theyre playing with dimensions here i dont see being the case. I also havent been following the whats been going on with the red hood for quite some time so i dont know to be honest.

    but since the reveal of the Arkham Knight didnt seem to have the same effect with you guys as it did me i thought id chime in with my needless thoughts.

    love what you guys do.

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