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Pick of the Week #674 – Cover #6

Show Notes

It was a light week of comics, but a strong one, so despite concerns there’s a lot for Conor Kilpatrick and Josh Flanagan have a lot to talk about and they go a little long. Again.

Running Time: 01:08:30

Pick of the Week:
00:01:19 – Cover #6

00:11:50 – Superman #9
00:15:09 – Shuri #6
00:17:33 – Wonder Twins #2
00:20:29 – Old Man Quill #3
00:27:33 – Catwoman #9
00:30:05 – The Amazing Spider-Man #17
00:34:14 – Runaways #19
00:36:00 – The Flash #66

Patron Pick:
00:40:48 – Assassin Nation #1

Patron Thanks:
00:47:06 – Zack Walton
00:48:35 – Adam Poffenberger
00:49:27 – Chris Bishop
00:50:54 – Adam

Audience Question:
00:52:20 – Ryan M. from Cincinnati, OH asks about Dark Horse’s place in the comics market and whether Terry Moore could become a digital mogul.
00:58:38 – Hussein A. from Toronto, Canada is going to C2E2 to interview creators and is looking for some tips.

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  1. The current Superman story doesn’t make sense where clearly Bendis is not up on his DC continuity or he doesn’t care since the Crime Syndicate is dead with no explanation as to why they’re around again. Superman is definitely the weaker one of the two Superman comics. The Leviathan event starts in June while Snyder has his own Justice League event that he is doing where DC doesn’t seem cohesive at all with the current direction. Clearly Doomsday Clock isn’t the direction anymore and isn’t set 1 year into the future with the delays and Bendis coming in. I wish it was though.

  2. Regarding the question about Terry Moore and digital comics, Dave Sim does something like this with Cerebus. You can buy PDF’s via his website. Image stopped selling the DRM-free comics some time last year I believe.

    Since Josh hasn’t read Kraven’s Last Hunt, consider that one for a booksplode. There’s a nice over-sized Deluxe Edition hardcover that’s currently in-print. Good one for the shelf and reasonably priced.

  3. I was wondering if anyone at iFanboy was still reading the BPRD stuff (and looks like the answer is no). I still am, but I think the pacing of the Hell Of Earth story was way too slow, and it was problematic that for much of it the main Hellboy personalities were absent. It was basically a long story of the BPRD losing a war of attrition and it went on for close to a decade. I think it started in 2010 and we only just started The Devil You Know last year. What a strange choice considering it did start to feel aimless and hopeless(a sentiment echoed by characters inside the arc).

    I stuck through it, but I have to imagine most people fell off. To compare it to another long running horror comic series, I think Kirkman did a better in the Walking Dead by changing the nature of the threats each arc. The Governor is different from the Saviors. Who are different from the Whisperers. Who are different from the Commonwealth etc. In BPRD up until this point it felt like one big battle against more or less the same unknowable alien threat. At least now with The Devil You Know they corrected a lot of that and gave us a new threat to consider. So its gotten much better in recent history.

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