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Pick of the Week #671 – The Lone Ranger #5

Show Notes

Another book is loved and canceled. There’s an uncomfortable silence. Josh gives another shot at Austyn’s power. And yet more!

Running Time: 01:10:58

Pick of the Week:
00:02:47 – The Lone Ranger #5

00:14:04 – Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter #2
00:18:57 – Naomi #2
00:22:36 – Guardians of the Galaxy #2
00:26:52 – American Carnage #4
00:34:43 – Love Romances #1
00:37:29 – Seven to Eternity #13
00:39:52 – Middlewest #4
00:42:17 – Mars Attacks #5

Patron Pick:
00:44:49 – Savage Dragon #242

Patron Thanks:
00:53:32 – Tyler Briley
00:54:43 – Paul Houlihan
00:56:26 – Michael Sturgeon
00:56:57 – Michael J. D’Argenio
00:57:56 – Austyn Riley gets his third and final power

Audience Question:
01:00:47 – Davin has some thoughts about the continuity asterisks we used to see so much more often in comics. Will they make a comeback?

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  1. Interesting I only read one of these books on the rundown. I cant wait to hear what ya’ll have to say about all of these books.

  2. Good bet Josh. I do sometimes still listen to the podcast on my old iPod Shuffle at work since it easily clips onto my lanyard and it has no camera or recording software in it, which is significant.

    I 100% agree that John Adams is the best founding father. I had a portrait of John Adams that I bought at a yard sale hanging unironically in my living room up until the point that my now wife moved in with me. She insisted we take it down. The compromise was we moved it from the living room to the bathroom, which is a strange place to put a tribute of the man I am aware, but it’s no less heart felt.

  3. So based on the solicitation it looks like Mars Attacks is ending with issue #5. Not sure if it was planned or not, but bummed two great books ended this week with that and Lone Ranger

  4. I really liked issue 2 of Donny’s Guardian’s run. Feels like it will be fun. I like that they brought in Wraith. That character is so lame, but he works here as a foil for Ghost Rider. Also Nova rocketing in space as the stinger at the end got me hyped. I saw that it says 2 of 6. I’m hoping Donny stays on for more than that, but that’s probably not a realistic hope.

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