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Pick of the Week #668 – The Lone Ranger #4

Show Notes

Show’s long again this week. Hey, Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick were just having too much fun talking comics this week. Plus, Josh is freezing and coughing and at the beginning of the show his internet takes a while to thaw out from being polar vortex adjacent. He also gets way too personal on this show. Conor, as always, remains an enigma.

Running Time: 01:17:45

Pick of the Week:
00:01:45 – The Lone Ranger #4

00:12:19 – Captain America #7
00:17:27 – Marvel Knights: 20th #6
00:20:38 – The Flash Annual #2
00:26:30 – Heroes in Crisis #5
00:38:54 – Ms. Marvel #37
00:40:04 – Wonder Woman #63
00:42:55 – Action Comics #1007
00:46:11 – Skyward #10

Patron Pick:
00:48:19 – Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #1

Patron Thanks:
00:57:40 – Sean
00:59:34 – Chrys Terlizzi
01:00:33 – Scott Paros
01:02:20 – Chris McMahon

Audience Question:
01:04:05 – Pete S. from Washington Heights, NYC is back with a follow-up to his previous email about 90s art in classic DC collections.

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  1. As always, good show guys!

    I like how you snuck that Trainspotting reference in there Josh. And Conor, not to be outdone, throws out a Ghostbusters reference with his “big Twinkie” line. Nice work!

    I hope Tom King sticks the landing in Heroes in Crisis, but time is running out and each issue seems to toy with the reader more. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the outstanding art, this series probably wouldn’t have as much traction as it does. With all that said, I’m still invested and counting on King to deliver the goods.

    Speaking of goods, Action Comics is SO fucking good! Coloring issues aside, this book has been such a joy to read month after month.

  2. dc has been bumming me out lately. Anybody know the best DC ongoing right now?

  3. A very big flaw with Heroes in Crisis which has bothered me since the first issue is that we still have no idea who the dead Green Lantern is which is ridiculous. The ring should have recorded what happened and then went to someone else where it comes across as Tom King forgetting that he killed a Green Lantern. You see the symbol under Superman’s left arm in the first issue and then nothing. I just don’t think it’s very well written and Superman’s speech felt very meta to me with justifying the existence of the comic. The art is fantastic, but not the writing and I didn’t believe Barbara Gordon would speak that way along with Harley saying she wanted to kill for fun. People seemed a lot more interested in the tease for the next King and Gerads collaboration since there were apparently clues in the issue than the actual comic itself. It’s just a big disappointment to me and was a mistake to even do in the first place.

    • Honestly l, I think King got in over his head with Heroes in Crisis. It didn’t help that DC promoted this as the next big DC CRISIS! King seems to excel in more tight-nit, personal stories, and not epic scale ones. Plus, the way he writes isn’t the most “casual reader” friendly. In my opinion, King’s stories need a little more exposition to follow his narrative better.

  4. Tom King has no idea how to write Booster Good which continues to be the case and he is written as an idiot. From the moment that Hal killed himself in front of Booster in the alternate reality with Booster saying it was awesome which was wrong, you knew that Tom King didn’t know how to write Booster instantly. Having a problem with the suicide later in that arc is just hypocritical compared to the opening. Booster was written so well along with Ted Kord in Injustice 2 by Tom Taylor where they were the characters, but Tom King writes Booster as much more oblivious than he should be where I can’t take it seriously,

    • What’s interesting is that, since I first met him in the Giffen/DeMatteis JUSTICE LEAGUE, to me Booster is an idiot. Well-meaning and heroic, but basically an idiot. Especially when he’s with Ted. They bring out the idiot in each other.

      Now, crashing through the window and attacking The Flash is just bizarre.

    • Booster may act like an idiot, but he wouldn’t think that Hal killing himself is awesome even if it’s an alternate version where he will correct reality. He would have had problems with it right away and wouldn’t be that stupid with dead heroes in Heroes in Crisis. He’s not just totally inept.

    • Poor Dan Jurgens, seeing his creation Booster Gold being written in such a manner. What’s King gonna do next? Give Booster a mullet and have Doomsday kill him? 😉

  5. Anybody miss any artist that are no longer working steady in comics? I miss Jerry Ordway, he was really good, but getting older in age, but still it would be nice to see him work on something ever so often.

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