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Pick of the Week #666 – Superman #7

Show Notes

Josh Flanagan is out this week and so Ryan Haupt is back to reveal more scary science history that will keep Conor Kilpatrick up at night! (And wreck the Patron Powers paradigm.)

Running Time: 01:00:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:24 – Superman #7

00:08:26 – Marvel Comics Presents #1
00:14:18 – Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter #1
00:18:39 – Hawkman #8
00:22:19 – Conan The Barbarian #2
00:26:46 – Mars Attacks #4
00:30:53 – Fantastic Four #6
00:34:46 – Catwoman #7
00:36:23 – James Bond: Origin #5
00:38:44 – The Amazing Spider-Man #13
00:41:36 – Black Widow #1

Patron Pick:
00:44:15 – Invaders #1

Patron Thanks:
00:50:08 – Martin Hoecker-Martinez
00:51:15 – Scott Thornton
00:53:00 – Chris Marino
00:53:53 – Robert Cammarata

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    Great show guys! Although I missed Josh, Ryan is always a welcome substitute – nice work Ryan!

    So, I only read DC books, not because I don’t like Marvel or any of that, it’s merely a matter of money. At an average of 3.99 a pop, comics add up quick, and hey man, I got bills to pay.

    As a result I kinda, sorta, fast forward the podcast during the Marvel discussions (sorry dudes).

    Superman #7 – thanks to a little Relativity, it feels like Bendis has finally found Jon Kent’s voice, and of course that voice is from a 17 year old. Bendis writes teenagers better than most and I can’t wait to see what happens next in this title. Superman’s family dynamics is forever altered.

    Detective Comics #996 – 4 more issues until the #1000 milestone and Tomasi and Mahnke are ratcheting up the stakes in this title big time! Someone or something is taking out Bruce Wayne’s teachers and mentors from before he became Batman making this mystery extremely personal and emotional for Bruce. Poor Batman has been put through the emotional wringer the last couple of years, no wonder he is taking out his aggressions on the Arkham Asylum inmates again and again and again and….

    The Batman Who Laughs #2 – after the goofiness of Metal, this feels series feels like Scott Snyder getting back to telling edgy and darker superhero tales that make our skin crawl. My first exposure to Snyder was back in his classic Black Mirror saga in Detective Comics and the cool thing is with The Batman Who Laughs, it’s sort of an unofficial sequel to that story arc. Heavy shit here.

  2. On Conan: Yeah, Howard’s “mythology” implies that his characters are in a very early version of our world, before civilization tamed everything. Howard had another character, Bran MacMorn, who was the stereotypical virtuous primitive living in a Britain conquered by the immoral Romans. He finds some kind of artifact that he uses to summon Kull the Conqueror from the past to help him fight the invaders, and I think Kull and Conan have connections, so it’s all of a piece.

    And yes, Conan is showing up in this year’s Avengers weekly event.

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